Index to Brownlee, Brownlie and other associated family biographies

Brownlee and Forrests
Brownlee, Alexander B
Brownlee, Allan Lindsay Arnold of Strathbogie, Victoria, Australia 1913-1985
Brownlee, Archibald (Sherriff)
Brownlee, Beryl Sarah Arnold of Victoria, Australia 1915
Brownlee, David, in Canada
Brownlee, David Preston of Geelong, Victoria, Australia 1864-1922
Brownlee, Edward James of Leichhardt, NSW, Australia 1915-1997
Brownlee, Edwin A.
Brownlee, Harriett Tatnall Arnold Brownlee of Geelong, Victoria, Australia 1874-1952
Brownlee, Hattie Gardner 1792-1898
Brownlee, Hiram
Brownlee, Houghton
Brownlee, Hugh L (Rev)
Brownlee, Ian Edward born 27 March 1951
Brownlee, James of City Saw Mills 1813-1890
Brownlee, James of Glasgow - Abolitionist
Brownlee, James of Wishaw, Scotland; New Zealand; and Sydney, Australia 1846-1892
Brownlee, James of White Street, Leichhardt, NSW, Australia 1877-1954
Brownlee, James Stevenson of Claysville, Pennsylvania, USA 1824-1891
Brownlee, James Watson of Geelong, Victoria, Australia 1859-19..
Brownlee, James Archibald of Mahoning, County, Ohio, USA 1825-1918
Brownlee, Janet of Carluke, Lanarkshire, Scotland 1804-1867
Brownlee, Jean who married John Gabby
Brownlee, John of Youngstown
Brownlee, John (Judge), born 9 June 1816 in Indiana
Brownlee, John of Pennsylvania, sawmill proprietor
Brownlee, John C. 1846-1909 of Davenport, Scott County
Brownlee, (Brownlee) John Daniel
Brownlee, John Donald McKenzie of Geelong, Victoria, Australia 1900-1969
Brownlee, John Edward Premier of Alberta between 1925 and 1934
Brownlee, John Herbert 1885-1947
Brownlee, John Richmond 1936-2003 Australia
Brownlee, John S
Brownlee, John Wesley, served under General James Longstreet in Confederate Army in the USA Civil War.
Brownlee, Joseph who served in Captain Joseph Erwin’s Company during the Revolutionary War.
Brownlee, Joseph who served in The US Army during WW1. Joseph was born 1890 and was KIA in 1918.
Brownlee, Katherine Houston, wife of Houghton Brownlee Jr.
Brownlee, Les Acting United States Secretary of the Army 2003-2004
Brownlee, Mrs Mary A. of Davenport, Scott County, wife of John C Brownlee 1846-1909
Brownlee, Rannals S.
Brownlee, Robert of Solano County 1813-1897
Brownlee, Robert 1833-1908 (Colour Sergeant in 78th Regiment of Foot)
Brownlee, Robert Duncan of Ourimbah, NSW, Australia 1879-1935
Brownlee, Robert William of Ourimbah, NSW, Australia 1905-1984
Brownlee, Thomas, a blacksmith of Vallejo, California
Brownlee, Thomas C. (Tom) of Carnwath - professional footballer
Brownlee, William Craig
Brownlee, William and Mary McNally of Bellingen, NSW Australia - See Chart 10026
Brownlie, Alexander J. of Solano County
Brownlie, James of Solano County
Fisher, Samuel Brownlee, of Parsons
Gabby, John, who married Jean Brownlee
Gabby, Joseph,
son of John and Jean (nee Brownlee) Gabby
Gabby, William
, son of John and Jean (nee Brownlee) Gabby
Lenfreskey, John Robert 1874-
Lonsdale, John Brownlee (1st Baron Armaghdale 1850-1924) born 23 March 1850, died 8 June 1924.
McNally, Mary and William Brownlee of Bellingen, NSW Australia - See Chart 10026
Sherwood, Kate Brownlee of Poland, Ohio, USA 1841-1914
Lee, William B. His Memoirs.