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Calling all Torfoot family researchers!


What we know - proven by documented references
(researched by Kate Sherwood and later Allan Lindsay Arnold Brownlee and Martin Dale Armstrong)

A History of Torfoot Brownlee / Brownlie Family - A treatise in chronological order.

Family Charts
Listed below are links to a number of Torfoot family charts, some of which are conflicting, particularly as to who the first Laird of Torfoot was. I feel, there still needs to be much more research, with references included proving the theories. The charts were not my research, they have been received from various researchers.
I welcome comments relating to these charts and welcome your feedback. I would like to publish your opinions below in the form of a blog. The only thing is, because the site is not high tech, I will need to physically upload the comments. They will not be instantaneous, but I'll do my best.
The end result will be a high quality digitally printed book for posterity.

Chart 10000 is under construction and will be referenced for proof of accuracy. Black denotes referenced.
Chart 10001
John Brownlee born c1610 died c1693 and Helen Hamilton of Torfoot, Strathaven
Chart 10001a Thomas Brownlee born 1604 died 1660 married unknown
Chart 10001b James Brownlie born 25 April died 29 June 1927. Married Annie Buchanan 25 December 1878
Chart 10001c William Brownlie (Glengavill Mill), and Brother John, granted feu charter on the lands of Glengavill
Chart 10001d Various Avondale Brownlies
Chart 10001e Archibald Brownlee born c1710 died 1788 and Margaret Hamilton born c1711 died (?)
Chart 10001f Andrew Brownlie born 22 December 1782 in Avondale and Agnes McGowan born 7 June 1782
Chart 10001g Gavin Brownlie born c1800 and Margaret Russell
Chart 10001h John Brownlie in Torfoot born c1670 and Janet Hamilton born 1670 in Avondale
Chart 10133 John Brownlee and Isabell Morrison of Strathaven
Chart 10054 Thomas Brownlie in Glasgow, Master Lithographer and Mary S Brown born 1880

Letter from Ian Edward Brownlee to Martin Dale Armstrong 13 November 1983

Memoirs of William B Lee (Torfoot)

Send your photographs relating to this family and I will publish them in the photograph album and also link them from the person's name on any of the charts.
Photograph Album

Open for discussion - send your comments to torfoot@brownlee.com.au and I will post them here TORFOOT BLOG.

Vital Records
Brownlie Avondale Deaths Image 1771-1773 and Transcript
James Brownlee, 5th Laird of Torfoot - Last Will & Testament 4th November 1816 (thanks to Susan Milligan)

Andrea Ferrara (or Andrea Ferara) Scottish Broadsword made in Italy

Background From www.yourphotocard.com - the website doesn't appear to be displaying this information now. I downloaded the file and converted to html page. If anyone can advise me of the publisher I will give them credit for the information or officially request their permission to use it.

George Russell Letter sent in by George Russell of Carluke, Scotland

Andrea Ferara sword photo

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