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Calling all Torfoot family researchers!

Open for discussion - send your comments to torfoot@brownlee.com.au and I will post them here.

George Russell 9th August 2012
The Laird's family would have had many relatives on farms ( esp. around the Kype valley ) nearby - and that sailing eventually to Ulster ( where the Hamiltons had large land holdings at the time ) would have been possible and commonplace ( especially from the Argyll and Ayrshire coasts ).
The tale of the 'Barn' I have found re-told, in the 'Annals of the Parish of Lesmahagow' (1864) about a completely unrelated family ... whether this is a result of the publication of Torfoot's tale in Victorian newspapers and 'Scots Worthies' or not ...
George Russell

Kathy Harding 9th August 2012
What I'd like to know is.... when Thomas (2nd laird of Torfoot) was being held prisoner at Greyfriars after the battle of Bothwell Brig, the government took his land away. So where did his wife Janet and his children go if the land was taken? And in Thomas's memoirs he says he hid out until William and Mary took over power and restored Presbyterism in Scotland.... did he hide out at Torfoot or where? As I understand it, the land was not given back to them until after William and Mary took the throne, so where did he hide if not on Torfoot? Any idea how Thomas made his way from the Orkney's to home? Do you think he traveled the highlands in the dead of winter????Or went around on the sea side? I've asked a lot of Brownlees about that, many seem to think he walked the east coast line...and Betty Rudolph thinks maybe he even took a ferry, because they did have a ferry system back then...I didn't know that.  Anyway, in his memoirs, he mentions hiding in the hay pile and a government soldier seeing his foot, but didn't tell on him.....   it reads like he's home on Torfoot...in HIS barn.   How did Janet get the farm back? where did she live until she got the farm back?  Do you know anything about that period? I am writing a book, for my family....and trying to get it as accurate as possible with the info I can dig up. I know some of it will be speculative..but I want facts if I can get them too.
Kathy Harding

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