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A History of Torfoot

Chronological treatise

Chart 10000 is an ongoing project so therefore under construction. This chart will be fully referenced to prove accuracy. I will be very grateful of your input in this project. Any material supplied should also be accompanied with it's reference. I am still happy to recieve unreferenced information for this project. Thanks, Ian Brownlee.

29 December 1658 - Sasene proceeding upon a charter of Feu Form was granted by Anne Duchess of Hamilton (1632-1716) with consent of Lord William Douglas, Earl of Selkirk (1634-1694), her spouse, in favour of Thomas Hamilton in Torfitt (sic), his heirs and assignees, of 8/4th land of that 16/8th land of the lands of Torfitt which is one part of the lands of Glengavill with houses, biggins etc., all presently possessed and occupied by the said Thomas Hamilton and John Brownlie (? 1st Laird of Torfoot) in the barony of Avondale and Shire of Lanark. Dated at Hamilton Palace 29 December 1658.

Sasine given on 14 January 1659 in presence of John and Thomas Brownlie in Torfitt, and others.

Sasine proceeding from original Feu (Torfitt) 21 January 1659 P.R. Vol II F.345. 1659-1654

20 January 1659 - John Brownlie in Torfitt and Thomas Brownlie his son are Witnesses to Sasine of John Young of Syde of Glengivell 14th January 1659.

22 January 1659 - Sasin on Charter of Feu Ferme by Anna, Duchess of Hamilton with consent of William, Earl of Selkirk her spouse, in favour of John Brownlie in Tortitt in liferent, and Thomas Brownlie (? 2nd Laird of Torfoot) his lawful son heritably and in fee of all and whole an eight shilling fourpenny land Torfitt which is one part of the lands of Glengevill (sic) with houses, biggins, yards, crofts, etc., currently possessed by the said John Brownlie, and Thomas Hamilton lying in the Barony of Avondale and the Shire of Lanark, together with tiend sheet and other tiends great and small, both Parsonage and Vicarage of the said 8/4th land included in Charter dated at Hamilton Palace 29th December 1658. James and John Carbarnes, writers in Hamilton, are witnesses.

Sasine on letters oblegatour, by Thomas Hamilton, portioner of Torfitt in favour of Heleine Brownlie his spouse of all and whole the third part of his eight shilling fourpenny land of the lands of Tortitt (sic) with houses etc., in the Barony iof Avondale and Shire of Lanark with the tiends, parsonage an Vicarage of the same dated at Strathaven 8th January 1659 and Sasine on 14th June 1659. Robert Hamilton, brother of the said Thomas Hamilton, is a witness.

22nd January 1659 Vol II

12 December 1692 - John Brownlee, (third Laird of Torfoot) born cl670 and died 1747. Married 12 December 1692 to Janet Hamilton (daughter of Robert Hamilton in Burn) born cl670 and died 1757. (see Sasine 4 January 1693)

4 January 1693 - Sasine John Brownlie in Torfoot and Janet Hamilton (his spouse), daughter of Robert Hamilton in Burn, in the eight shilling fourpenny land in Torfoot, the two just parts yr (sic, each?) of houses, yards and all pertinents and the other third part of yr (sic) thereof to said Janet Hamilton liferent and conjunct fee reserving the liferent of Thomas Brownlie of Torfoot, (father of the said John Brownlie) and Janet Young, his spouse (this would be Thomas’ wife) on contract matrimonial (marriage settlement) of date the 12th day of December 1692, betwixt the said Thomas Brownlie, his son on the one part, and the said Robert Hamilton and Janet Hamilton, his daughter.

4th January 1693 9/489


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