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John Donald McKenzie Brownlee 1900-1969
left to right on the ship John Donald McKenzie Brownlee born 7 January 1900, Gordon Douglas Philip Brownlee born 16 May 1935, Donald John Watson Brownlee born 16 March 1934, Contessa Donna Carla Oddone di Feletto and Delphina Isabell Nellie Brownlee born 19 July 1930. On the back of the snapshot it says the ship was the Champlain, it was October 1937 and the family were returning to England for the second season. (I assume that meant Glyndebourne).

John Brownlee and Contessa Donna Carla Oddone di Feletto 25th Wedding Anniversay in 1953.

John Brownlee as the Barber of Seville 1945-1946.

John Brownlee and Delphina Brownlee in the 1950s.

Delphina's godmother, Dame Nellie Melba, Carla and Delphina.

John Brownlee as Don Giovani in 1933-1934.

Don Giovani illustration.

John Brownlee aged 7 years.

John Brownlee. This was the last photo taken during 1968-1969.

Publicity photo of John Brownlee 1944-1945.

John and Carla Brownlee at their wedding.

John Brownlee as Jokanaan 1928-1929.

Delphina and her husband Ted.

Programme for the Geelong Recital.

John Brownlee as the Count in 1948-1949.