The House of Brownlee

Brownlee • Brownlie • Brounlee • Brounlie • Brounley • Brounly • Brounel • Brounle • Brounlea • Brownlea • Brounele Brownleigh

The House of Brownlee was established in 1984 by Allan Lindsay Arnold Brownlee and Ian Brownlee. The idea behind the House of Brownlee was to unite our family, bringing together Brownlees from all over the world as one great family unit. Now this website will enable Brownlee researchers all over the world to be a part of this research group.
Membership is FREE and open to all descendants who are able to trace their lineage to the variant spellings of the name.
In 1984, founding members of the House of Brownlee paid $AU10 for a beautifully printed certificate. Their names were also recorded in The Brownlee Family book, published in 1986.

The Brownlee Family 2nd Edition (NOW SOLD OUT)
Stocks of the 1986 edition of The Brownlee Family are no longer available. This book was authored by Allan Lindsay Arnold Brownlee and edited by Ian Edward Brownlee. ISBN 0 9588301 0 X.

A History of the Brownlee Family
Ian Brownlee is planning to publish a third edition of The Brownlee Family. This publication may go to two volumes and will include Genealogical charts and latest new research on the Brownlee family history.
Please contact me by emailing research@brownlee.com.au if you wish to contribute information.

Brownlee Reunion
A reunion is held each year in Sydney, at Oatley Park, and Brownlee families have been regularly attending this since 1981. The 30th Brownlee Reunion will be held at Oatley Park on Sunday, 24th January 2010.

All correspondence and membership enquiries to:
The House of Brownlee, PO Box 378, Katoomba NSW 2780 Australia
Phone 61 2 4782 2794 • Email  research@brownlee.com.au