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New Zealand research by Claire Smith posted on 22 February 2010

Some of the County Councils in New Zealand have been putting searchable databases on their web sites for the cemeteries in their areas.  I recently looked at a few of them and below are a few I have copied. The web page addresses are below.  Not all have been copied.

Births, Deaths, Marriages:


Burials in Dunedin, New Zealand:

Hope this connection works...if not take out the last cemeteries_search

BROWNLEE, Catherine aged 84yrs, d. 9.10.1872, last address Blueskin, Dunedin. Bur 11.10.1872 in Waitati Cemetery. No other burials in plot.

BROWNLEE, George aged 82yrs, d. 21.5.1967, last address 11 Blackman Ave, Sawyers Bay. Bur 24.5.1967 in Andersons Bay Cemetery. Nurseryman, native of NZ.
Also in plot-
BROWNLEE, Lawrence Edwin, 14yrs, bur 23.6.1931
BROWNLEE, Margaret Lorimer, 83yrs, bur 1.12.1973

BROWNLEE, John, age not recorded, d. 30.1.1870
Southern Cemetery, bur. 30.1.1870
Also in plot -
BROWNLEE, Thomas bur. 21.7.1894
COLLINS, John bur. 15.5.1899
JACKMAN, William bur. 4.8.1869

BROWNLEE, Martha, 73yrs, d.9.2.1907, last address Mt Cargill, Dundedin. Bur 12.2.1907 in Waitati Cemetery. Occupation: Domestic.
Also in plot -
BROWNLEE, Samuel, 90yrs, bur. 16.10.1923

BROWNLEE, Robert 82yrs, d. 9.4.1913, last address 2 Regent St.  Bur. 11.4.1913 in Andersons Bay Cemetery.
Also in plot-
BROWNLIE, Helen, 86yrs, bur. 23.6.1920, widow.
BROWNLIE, James Seton, 50yrs, bur. 26.4.1922, Occuptation: Warehouseman, native of Scotland, 40yrs in NZ.
BROWNLIE, Margaret, 69yrs, bur 19.10.1926, Spinster, native of Scotland, 50yrs in NZ.

(The two different Brownlee/ie spellings are on the website)

BROWNLIE, Elizabeth Bell, 84yrs, d. 12.10.1967, last address 632 Great King St, Dunedin.  Bur in Andersons Bay Cemetery. Widow, native of Scotland, 42yrs in NZ.
Also in plot -
BROWNLIE, James McInnes, 62yrs bur. 8.12.1945, Occupation: Moulder, native of Scotland, 20yrs in NZ.
BROWNLIE, Robert Aird, 50yrs, bur. 10.3.1971, Storeman.
SMITH, Stewart William, 16yrs, bur. 18.12.1945, Storeman, native of NZ.
(Query Chart 10054?)

BROWNLIE, James, 77yrs, d.17.6.1954, last address 53 Havelock St, Dunedin.  Bur. 19.6.1954 in Andersons Bay Cemetery.  Occupation: Labourer, native of Scotland, 77 yrs in NZ.
Also in plot -
BROWNLIE, Barbara Higgins, 66yrs d. 21.5.1949. Native of Scotland, 23 yrs in NZ

BROWNLIE, James, 51yrs, d. 27.4.1957, last address 8 Cashel St, Dunedin.  Bur. 30.4.1957 in Andersons Bay Cemetery. Occupation: Moulder, native of Scotland, 31yrs in NZ.
Also in plot -
BROWNLIE, Margaret Isabella, 79yrs, bur. 20.1.1990, native of NZ.

BROWNLIE, James, 80yrs, d.13.4.1990, last address 1 Highgate, Dunedin.  Bur. 13.4.1990 in Green Park Cemetery. Occupation: RTD Office Clerk, native of Scotland.
Also in plot-
BROWNLIE, Mary, 84yrs, bur. 21.1.1996, native of Scotland, 32yrs in NZ.

BROWNLIE, James Eric, 75yrs, d. 11.8.1986, last address 113 Main Road, Ocean View.  Bur. 14.8.1986 in Green Island Cemetery. Occupation: RTD.
Also in plot-
BROWNLIE, Catherine Margaret Jane, 60yrs, bur 27.12.1977.

BROWNLIE, John, 84yrs, d. 27.10.1989, last address 6 Hocken St, Dunedin.  Bur. 29.10.1989 in Andersons Bay Cemetery.  Occupation: Retired, native of Scotland, 63yrs in NZ.
No other burials in plot.

BROWNLIE, Robert Burns, 71yrs, d. 8.12.1970, last address 31 Wales St, Dunedin.  Occupation: Moulder.  No other burials in plot.

BROWNLIE, Thomas 87 yrs, d. 29.10.1971, last address 15 Puketai St, Dunedin.  Occupation: Retired, native of Scotland, 63yrs in NZ.
Also in plot -
BROWNLIE, Mary Cullen, 94yrs, bur 10.10.1982, native of Scotland, 68yrs in NZ.
Buried in Andersons Bay Cemetery.
(Query Chart 10108 and/or 10152?)

BROWNLIE, Edward Higgins 71yrs d. 1.7.1983, 1/B Galloway St, Dunedin.  Green Park Cemetery.  Occ: RTD Foreman. Native of Scotland, 70 yrs in NZ.

On the Christchurch City Council Cemeteries Database are the following originally from Ireland -

BROWNLEE, Joseph John d. 13.10.1928 aged 76yrs, address 256 Cashel St, Christchurch, Medical Practioner, Place of birth Ireland, 49yrs in NZ. Bur in Linwood Cemetery.
BROWNLEE, Elizabeth Anne, d. 19.4.1892 aged 15yrs, address Papanui, child, Place of birth Monaghan, Ireland, 10yrs in NZ.  Bur with above.
BROWNLEE, Elizabeth, d. 11.4.1894 aged 46yrs, address Sumner Hill, Place of birth, Ireland, 14yrs in NZ. Buried with above.
See also Chart 10039

At the govt archives office they have a Probate/Letters of Administration in 1941 for a William Logan BROWNLIE of Invercargill, Blacksmith. d. aged 66yrs.

Also for Peter Symington BROWNLIE, Hillhead, Glasgow. 1916.

The Gore District Council Cemetery Search has:

BROWNLIE, James Dalziel d. 28.3.1929 aged 70yrs.  Husband of ROBINA BROWNLIE who died 3.6.1935 in her 76th year. Also their daughter Catherine Eva BROWNLIE d. 3.9.1970 in her 84th year.

This Cemetery also has photos of the headstones:

I have discovered that the wife of the mystery James BROWNLEE in Havelock, was Margaret (Maggie) who died 17 April 1901, aged 29yrs. From looking through the archives of BDMs she could be maiden name WILSON.  I have sent for her death certificate to see if it leads anywhere.  It appears she is buried in the Havelock Cemetery not near my family, but near to other families from Scotland.