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Chart 10192
John Brownlee and Elizabeth McCourt in Ireland

John Brownlee born between 1820 and 1840 [approximation by Bob McDole] married Elizabeth McCourt 
They had issue [probably not in order of birth]
1. Anne-Jane Brownlee married George Wilson
2. Maria Brownlee married James Plunkett
3. John Brownlee (Left Ireland for America)
4. Charlotte Brownlee
5. George Brownlee married firstly, Margaret Carson
They had issue:
1. Georgina Brownlee
2. Anne Brownlee
George Brownlee married secondly, Margaret Helou
They had issue:
1. John Brownlee married firstly, Annie Montgomery
They had issue:
1. C.R.G. “Cyril” Brownlee (Letterbreen, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland) married Doris Crawford
They had issue:
1. George Brownlee born 1979
2. John Brownlee born abt 1985
John Brownlee married secondly, Maud Rutledge
They had issue:
1. Margaret Rutledge married Rev. David Houston
John Brownlee and Elizabeth McCourt also had:
6. Simon Brownlee born 21 January 1867 (Left Ireland for America)
7. Thomas Brownlee (Left Ireland for America)
8. Maggie Brownlee married Christopher Wilson
9. Richard Brownlee

Information supplied by Bob McDole mcdole@localaccess.com
Enquiries also to Ian Edward Brownlee ian@brownlee.com.au

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