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Chart 10167
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Susan McDonald and Ian Brownlee

Hi Susan,

Further to your email, I have gone through your email and to try and decipher it I have pulled the names families.

Perhaps you could look at Charts below and make any adjustments where I may have misinterpreted your description. I am particularly interested in your comments re James and Catherine (Chart C and Chart E).



John McLaughlin born c1800 died c1887 married Ann (unknown) born c1796. John had a sister Grace (what is 1836?) and Ann had a brother Stewart (what is 1841?).

They had issue:

1 Alexander McLaughlin born c1826 married Janet Brownlee* born c1820 died c1887.

They had issue:

1. John McLaughlin born 1849

2. Alex(ander) McLaughlin born c1856

3. Thomas McLaughlin born c1859

4. Lucellia (known as Cellia) McLaughlin born 1862 died 1905

5. Stewart McLaughlin born 1864






William Gold born c1855 in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland in (????) married (unknown) McLaughlin died in Wishaw. William came to Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1905.

They had issue:

(Susan' grandfather) married (Susan's grandmother)

They had issue:

(Susan's father) married (Susan's mother)

They had issue:

Susan McDonald






1. Thomas Brownlee** born c1800, came to Canada c1858

2. Janet Brownlee* born c1820 died c1887. Married Alexander McLaughlin born c1826


** His brother James Brownlee / Catherine Bell Duncan went to NZ around 1879. per your email.

NOTE: It is more likely that Thomas Brownlee was a brother of James Brownlee born 1807 who married Elizabeth Somerville.





Thomas Brownlee came to Canada in the mid 1850s aged approximately 58 years. Married to (?). Possibly died March 1907 and buried with his wife in the family plot in the Cemetery in Bendale in the County of York Ontario Canada. (This doesn't quite add up. If he was 58 in the mid 50s, he would be well over 100).

They had issue:

1. Thomas Brownlee lived in Owen Sound, County of Grey of Ontario Canada. Buried at/or went to Home Mission Comm. Presbyterian Church (Knox Church?)

2. Ann Brownlee married John Gray and went to Blue Spurs, Ottago County NZ. (Susan has information on this family)

They had issue:

1. Bell

2. Jalin

3. James

4. Francis

5. Robert

Thomas Brownlee of whom we treat also had:

3. Isabella Brownlee married Amos Thompson. Farmer in Township of Scarborough in County of York Ontario Canada.

4. Mary Brownlee married John Robertson. He had something to do with the Canadian Southern Railway. In Town of Alvinston.

They had issue:

1. Ethel Glendening Robertson

Thomas Brownlee of whom we treat also had:

5. Agnes Brownlee married Robert Lithgow (or Lithgoes) farmer in Township of Bosanquet County of Lambton Ontario Canada.

They had issue:

1. Tom Lithgoes

Thomas Brownlee of whom we treat also had:

6. Ellen Brownlee married James Maynerd (also related to ?) at Sydenham, Owen Sound Ontario Canada.




CHART E (see Chart 10004 at http://www.brownlee.com.au/Pages/Charts/Chart%2010004a.html )

John Brownlee born c1760 and Mary Barrie

They had issue:

James Brownlee born c1807 married Elizabeth Somerville born c1811

They had issue:

James Brownlee born 1846 and married Catherine Bell Duncan born 1854 (Came to Australia in 1884 via NZ in 1879)