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James Veitch Brownlie in Durban South Africa

James Veitch Brownlee born 1907. On 14 December 1931, James arrived in Southampton, England sailing from Durban, South Africa. James married (?). James was a Freeman of the City of London.

They had issue:

1. Ian Brownlee married Meryll. They live in South Africa.


BROWNLEE—July 1st, at Newbigging House, Muselburgh, North Britain, in her 82nd year, Amelia Wight, relict of the late James Brownlee, Esq., advocate, Edinburgh, and aunt to Mrs. Pawsey, 168, Pitt-street.
The Sydney Morning Herald, Wednesday 21 November 1860. Page 9.


17 Brownlee, Amelia 16/10/186
alias Wight or Veitch, residing in Newbigging, near Musselburgh,
spouse of David Veitch,
Edinburgh Sheriff Court
Wills SC70/4/72
Ian Edward Brownlee research ian@brownlee.com.au


18 Brownlee, Amelia, Mrs. 16/10/1860
alias Wight or Veitch, residing at Newbigging,
relict of David Veitch & spouse of James Brownlee, Advocate
Inventory. Edinburgh Sheriff Court
Inventories SC70/1/106
Ian Edward Brownlee research ian@brownlee.com.au


Marriage record
05/03/1839 - Brownlee, James to EMILIA WIGHT OR VEITCH (FR5528U) Inveresk and Musselburgh/MIDLOTHIAN. Register 689/ 0190 0079
A long shot, but could the above James and Amelia be grandparents of James Veitch Brownlee?
Ian Edward Brownlee research ian@brownlee.com.au

I have James Veitch Brownlee's name on my website in the UK Incoming Passenger Lists 1878-1960 at http://www.brownlee.com.au/Pages/Global-Village/UK/UK-Incoming-Passenger-Lists-1878-1960.htm ? Could this James be your father in law, born 1907, aged 24 years travelling from Durban, South Africa to Southampton, England?

In my 'offline' records I have a death record as follows:
Register number 123. JAMES VEITCH BROWNLEE died 1907, Male aged 8, at Roseneath 502/01 0007. I am assuming that this child could this have been a brother of your James. It was often the case that after the death of a child, the following child would be given the same name of the deceased.
Ian Edward Brownlee research ian@brownlee.com.au

Email received on 16/08/2010, at 4:48 AM, from Meryll Behr bmeryll@yahoo.com
Meryll wrote:
Dear Sir,
My husband is also an Ian Brownlee and,we live in South Africa.
His father, James Veitch Brownlee,always told us that the Brownlees came fom France as ' Le Brun', which was changed to 'Brownlee' during the Fench Revolution for political reasons.
He also told us that the French artist Charles le Brun was the reason fo the change as he was head painter to Louis XIV. I have not been able to verify this, but it may be interesting to find out if possible.
My father-in-law was also a Freeman of the City of London and I can send you copies of these documents if you are interested.
Kind Regards,
Meryll Brownlee