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John Brownlee married Isabell Morrison of Strathaven

1. John Brownlee and Isabell Morrison of Strathaven.

They had issue:

1. John Brownlee (twin) born 1791

2. Mungo Brownlee (twin), born 1791. Married Marion Todd.

They had issue:

1. William Brownlee born May 15, 1820 in Newlands, Peebles, and married Catherine Montgomery in circa 1843 in Lesmahagow. They left Lesmahagow in circa 1850 and lived in Trumbull County, Ohio.  

They had issue:

1. Mungo Brownlee born 3 Jul 1843 at (Kirkmuirhill?), Lesmahgow and married Josephine Trunkey. He lived in Vernon Township, Trumbull County, Ohio.

2. James Brownlee born 1846 at (Kirkmuirhill?), Lesmahgow. Married Emily Banning In 1870 in Trumbull County, Ohio.

3. Robert Brownlee born 1848 at (Kirkmuirhill?), Lesmahgow. He died in 1902 in Vernon Township, Trumbull County, Ohio.

4. Mary Brownlee born 1851 in Vernon Township, Trumbull County, Ohio.

5. William T. Brownlee, born 1853 Vernon Township, Trumbull County, Ohio.

6. John Brownlee born November 1857 (Mary Gardner’s great grandfather) in Vernon Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. Married Lucy Hendrix in Clay County, Indiana. Died in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1922. John Brownlee was a red head, average height and weight and a wealthy man who worked as a Coal Mine Superintendent. He was said to be a ladies man.

They had issue:

1. Harry Brownlee

2. Edmond Brownlee

3. James Brownlee of Indianapolis

4. Clara Catherine Brownlee of Riley, Indiana. Married (?) Smith. Mary’s grandmother, Clara Brownlee used to play piano and sing very often.  Some of the songs were not the usual songs heard in our neighbourhood. I wonder if they could have been songs her Grandfather, William Brownlee, brought with him from Lesmahagow[1]?

William Brownlee and Catherine Montgomery also had:

7. Montgomery A. Brownlee born August 1859 Vernon Township, Trumbull County, Ohio. Married Margaret E. Murdoch.

Mungo Brownlee and Marion Todd also had:

2. Marion Brownlee married (?) Barr. They lived in Lesmahagow.

3. Agnes Brownlee was born 1829 in Newlands, Peebleshire, and married Adam Barr.



I don't have much information about the family who stayed in Burghill, Ohio.  The last time my mother corresponded with family there, was in the 1970's. At that time, I hadn't started my research of the Brownlee family[2].


The old town of Wishaw, or Wisha, is such a pretty town. My husband and I rented a car and drove down to the Old burial grounds near the river. We met a Scotsman who talked with us for some time, but unfortunately, his brogue was so heavy neither Dode nor I caught much of the History lesson that pretty day in June 1984. My father in law, Thomas Gardiner was born about half way between the town of Motherwell and Wishaw in 1875. I loved every minute of the 3 weeks we spent in that area[3].

My father in law, Thomas Gardiner was born on Summerlee Rd in Craigneuk 1875. Thomas Gardiner’s birth record shows the place of birth as Glenhead. His parents were Thomas Gardiner, born 1845 and Mary Jane Parker. His grandparents were Thomas Gardiner born 1818 and Janet Wardrop Gardiner Naismith. Janet Gardiner Naismith died in Sunnyside Row (I don't know where that was) in 1899. I have her death certificate, but I have no idea where she was buried. She is shown as a pauper at the time of her death[4].


Summerlee Rd was a tiny street about two blocks long running North and South very near the Catholic Church in Craigneuk. The Steelworks were on the other side of road from the street[5].


The mill was on the north side of the road from Summerlee Road in Craigneuk. I didn't get pictures of that side of the road between Motherwell and Wishaw. I did however take a picture of the street sign. At the time, I thought it would impress my sister in law who had made a trip to Motherwell before I went. She was only able to visit the towns and churches because at that time, my research wasn't very far along[6].


I found a marriage record for one Mungo Brownlee to Ann Rennie in Cuyahoga Co., OH 22 Nov 1853. Some of Mungo Brownlee and Marion Todd's children moved to Toronto, or near there. I have no other information about which of them went there, except for James who was born in 1833 in Lesmahagow. I think they had a son named Mungo and son William. My great, great grandfather was living in Trumbull County, Ohio in 1853. I don't have all of Mungo and Marion's family in my files. Does anyone know this Mungo and wife Ann Rennie Brownlee[7]?


William thinks that Isabell was a Thomson and not a Morrison. I am sure I found the birth of both boys in the Avondale Parish Records in 1891. I have no idea where to look to prove which Isabell was Mungo's mother[8].


Mary, my great, great grandfather, John S. Brownlee and his wife Jennette Patterson were living in Trumbull County also in 1853.  Are you a descendent of this line of the Brownlees of Torfoot? Ron Thomas[9] RonLThomas@aol.com


I am sure they were related. I just don't know where the connection is located. Mungo Brownlee, born 1791 father of William Brownlee, had a twin Brother John Brownlee. I have no idea what happened to him[10].


Researched by Mary Gardner, 2986 Belvedere Lane Decatur, GA 30032. Email: Mary2gard@aol.com

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