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Chart 10130
John Brownlee and Anne Hamilton
married in The Park of Mauldslie in Carluke Parish

John Brownlee married Anne Hamilton in 1786 in Park of Mauldslie in Carluke Parish. John was referred to on his daughter’s death certificate as a Joiner[ii] and a Wright[iii].

They had issue:

1. Mary Brownlee, born 1786 died 1861 at John Street, Carluke. Married Thomas Neilson, merchant who was still alive in 1861.

2. Agnes Brownlee, born 1790

3. John Brownlee, born 1793

4. Janet Brownlee, born 1795

5. James Brownlee, born 1797

6. Anne Brownlee, born 1800 died 1894 at Hamilton Street, Carluke. Married William Hamilton born circa 1803 of Poplar Glen, Carluke. William Hamilton was 78 years in 1881 census and a gardener. Anne was a widow at her death and her nephew William Brownlee was the informant on his death certificate. William was obviously a son of one of her brothers.

7. William Brownlee, born 1802 - I believe this William lived in Carluke until at least 1890s. No proof as yet.

8. Thomas Brownlee, christened 3 September 1804 at Park, Mauldslie, Carluke died 11 July 1851 (buried in Bent Cemetery, Hamilton - see headstone). Thomas' occupation was recorded as a wright[iv] and a carpenter[v]. He married Helen Jack christened 12 June 1808 died 5 December 1890 at Carluke (buried in Bent Cemetery, Hamilton - see headstone). In the 1841 census[vi] the family lived at Kirkton Street. In the 1851 census[vii] they lived at 20 Kirkton Street. See also Census 1861[viii]. Helen Jack was the daughter of Marion Forrest and James Jack[ix].

They had issue:

1. John Brownlee christened 20 December 1832 died of measles in 1840

2. James Brownlee born 20 October 1834. Occupation apprentice to his father Thomas[x]. Married in 1869 at Carluke to Euphemia McDonald born c 1840 at Hamilton, daughter of John McDonald (Inverness) and Elizabeth Steele (Avondale Lanarkshire)[xi].

They had issue:

1. Thomas Brownlee born 1870 Carluke

2. John Brownlee born 1872 Carluke

3. James Brownlee 1873 Carluke

Thomas Brownlee and Helen Jack also had:

3. Marion Brownlee christened 12 March 1837. Married at Hamilton. Lanarkshire in 1858 to James Cassels born c 1837 Lanarkshire, son of John Cassels, head loom weaver/cotton, and Marion Shaw[xii].

They had issue:

1. John Cassels 1859

2. Helen Cassels 1861

3. Marion Shaw Cassels 1863

4. Thomas Cassels 1866

5. James Cassels 1868

6. Peter[xiii] Cassels christened 1868

7. Annie Brownlee Cassels 1871

8. Jane Cassels 1873

Thomas Brownlee and Helen Jack also had:

4. Ann Brownlee christened 14 April 1839
and married her cousin, James Wilson 1841-1920 - See Wilson family for details

5. John Brownlee christened 21 February 1841

6. Helen Brownlee born c1847

7. William Brownlee born c1849 (see Thomas and Helen's headstone).

[i] Information supplied by Claire Brownlee Smith clairembsmith@hotmail.com and Nyle gemwood@xtra.co.nz by email on 15/9/2009

[ii] A joiner is a cabinetmaker and carpenter.

[iii] A wright can also be a carpenter who may focus as much on repairs as on new construction (wheelwright, shipwright, etc.).

[iv] A wright can also be a carpenter who may focus as much on repairs as on new construction (wheelwright, shipwright, etc.).

[v] A wright can also be a carpenter who may focus as much on repairs as on new construction (wheelwright, shipwright, etc.).

[vi] Census 1841 - Living at Kirkton Street. Thomas - occupation wright.
In residence - Thomas 35, Hellen (sic) 30, James 6, Marion 4, Ann 2, and John 4 months.

[vii] Census 1851 - Thomas - occupation carpenter with 1 apprentice. Address: 20 Kirkton Street. In residence: Thomas 46, Helen 44, James 16, Marion 14, Ann 12, John 10, Helen 4, and William 1

[viii] Census 1861 - Hilen (sic) a widow
Children - James, Ann, Helen and William Brownlee all living at home.

[ix] Marion Forrest
 born 22 November, christened 27 November 1785 at Woodhall - near Braidwood, Carluke, Scotland, daughter of Robert Forrest and Helen Hamilton[ix]. Married 6 June 1807 in Carluke to James Jack born 1 April 1781 - died 1863 Carluke - death certificate and will and inventory available. James Jack was the son of John Jack and Agnes Reid who had four sons, John Jack born 1779, James Jack born 1781, Robert Jack born 1785 and David Jack born 1787 - all were born in Carluke. Marion died 16 June 1868 at Hamilton Street, Carluke. Cause of death - disease of liver - 5 weeks - death certificate available. St Luke's Churchyard (Nyle has scan of headstone on file). Monumental inscription reads: Burial place of James Jack, late merchant and his family.

Census 1851 Address 7 Morton Street
James - retired cloth merchant. Also in residence:
Daughter Agnes Jack Wilson - joiner's wife and Grandchildren - James Wilson 11, Marion Wilson 6, Allan Wilson 4 (not found - husband Allan Wilson and son Andrew Wilson age 3)

[x] 1851 Census

[xi] Census 1851 at Hamilton. In residence: John 35, Elizabeth 35, Euphemia 10, Thomas 8,
Ann 7, James 5, Alexander 3, Elizabeth 3 months).

[xii] Census 1841. In residence: John 45, Marion 45, Thomas 14, John 12, Peter 9, Jean 7, James 4, William 1.