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Chart 10129
Jennie Brownlee born 1867
and John Mattes born 1852
married at Silver Cliff, Custer County, Colorado

Jennie Brownlee, born 1867, PA. Died 1900 at Silver Cliff, Custer Co., CO. Married at Silver Cliff, Custer County CO circa 1885 to John Mattes, born 1852, Germany.

They had issue:

1. Lizzie P. Mattes born September 1885, CO.

2. Belle Mattes born 18 June 1888, CO.

3. Andrew Mattes born 19 February 1890, CO.

4. Edna Mattes born April 1892, CO.

5. Clyde Alvin Mattes born 29 July 1898, CO.


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