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Chart 10127

William Brownlee born c1785 in Durham, England
and Mary (?) born c1790 in Ireland

1. William Brownlee born c1785 at Durham, England and died 25 August 1850 at High Conside, Ebchester, Durham. William was married to Mary (?) born c1790, Ireland and died 21 April 1872 at Thornaby, Durham.

They had issue:

1. Catharine Brownlee (NB May have been Mary’s daughter by a former marriage) born c 1812 in Ireland and died 1860 at Durham. Catharine married (?) Barrasford.

Thay had issue:

1. William Barrasford (Barrisford, Barisford) born 1837 at Newcastle Upon Tyne. William married Christania (?).

William Brownlee and Mary (?) also had:

2. William Brownlee was born 28 August 1815, Gateshead, Durham. Married on 9 May 1840 at Witten le Wear, Durham to Ann Pattison (or Pattinson).

They had issue:

1. William Brownlee, born circa 1844, at Coxhoe, Durham.

2. Thomas Brownlee, born circa 1846, at Shotley Bridge (Consett) Durham. Married to Sarah (?).

They had issue:

1. Thomas William.

2. Ann Brownlee.

3. John James Jackson Brownlee.

4. Frederick Brownlee.

William Brownlee and Ann Pattison also had:

3. Joseph Brownlee, born circa 1848, Leadgate Durham. Joseph married Margaret (?), born circa 1849.

They had issue:

1. Mary Brownlee, born circa 1876.

2. Lavina Brownlee, born circa 1879.

William Brownlee and Ann Pattison also had:

4. John George Brownlee, born 19 August 1850 at Shincliff Colliery, Durham (Mary Platt’s great grandfather). Married Mary Mound, born 1852, Cainham, Shropshire.

They had issue:

1. Anne Brownlee born 1879 Stockport.

2. William Brownlee born 1881.

3. John "Jack" George Brownlee born 5 June 1883.

4. Albert Brownlee Senior, born 7 June 1886 at Morpeth, Northumberland (Mary Platt’s grandfather). Albert married Elizabeth Pedrick.

5. Mary Elizabeth Brownlee born 1888 in USA.

6. Martha Jane Brownlee born 1893 in USA.

William Brownlee and Ann Pattison also had:

5. Jane Ann Brownlee, born circa 1857, Sunnybrow, Durham. Married to Thomas Argument.

They had issue:

1. Fanny Ann Argument, born circa 1885

2. Minnie Jane Argument, born circa 1890

3. Emily C. Argument, born circa 1895

William Brownlee and Ann Pattison also had:

6. James Brownlee, born circa 1860, Sunnybrown Durham and died 1906 at Newcastle Upon Tyne. He was married in 1883 to Elizabeth Snowdon at Durham.

William Brownlee and Mary (?) also had:

3. Eleanor (Elinor) Brownlee born c 1821 and died 14 January 1849 at High Conside, Durham.

4. Mary Brownlee born c 1830 at Hetten, Durham was married in 1849 to Edward Smiles born c 1831 at Sunderland, Durham

They had issue:

1. John Henry Smiles born c 1849

2. William Smiles born c 1860

3. Robert Smiles born c 1863

4. Margaret Smiles born c 1868

Information supplied by Mary Platt (More details are available)
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