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Chart 10110
John Brownlee born c1746
and Mary Williamson born c1750

John Brownlee born circa 1746 died 1816, in Bald Eagle, Centre County. John married Mary (Poly) Williamson born circa 1750.

They had issue:

Joseph Brownlee died 1827, Lamar, Centre County. Married (?).

They had issue:

1. John Williamson Brownlee born 1806 in Bald Eagle and died 1897 Stockholm, Wisconsin.

They had issue:

1. Joseph Brownlee born 1833 in Brookville, Pa., and died 1928 Moccasin, Montana.

2. Williamson Brownlee born 1841 in Brookville, Pa., died 1900 in Stockholm, Wisconsin.

3. John Thomas Brownlee born 1844 in Brookville, Pa., died in 1916 in Richardsville, Pa.


There are secondary sources that link my Brownlee line to Cumberland County, Pennsylvania but the primary sources are tougher to come by. However, three documents—the 1789 Will of Samuel J. Williamson, in East Pennsborough, Cumberland County, the settlement of John Brownlee's estate in 1816, and an 1853 death certificate for one of children of John Brownlee, establishes that John Brownlee's spouse was Mary (Polly) Williamson and that the couple, as well as at least one child, lived in Cumberland County in 1767. I still do not have a documented date of marriage for John Brownlee and Mary Williamson, or DOBs for them. A Williamson family group sheet offers the guess that John was born in 1746, and Mary in 1750.


There were other Brownlee's in Cumberland County in the mid- and late-eighteenth century and, of course, in what was Lancaster County before 1750. (Multiple John Brownlee's in Lancaster comprise a continuing puzzle). For example, a George Brownlee arrived in Carlisle, Cumberland County in the 1780s, quite possibly in connection with the settlement of the famous Will of a healthy merchant, James Elliott, who had Brownlee heirs. About a dozen or so Brownlee's from Ireland (Fermanagh, mainly) and Cumberland became mixed up in the settlement. The connections of this complicated family with my John, however, remain to be determined.


Research by, W. Elliot Brownlee, Santa Barbara, California.

E-Mail: brownlee@history.ucsb.edu