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Chart 10092
Thomas Brownlee born c1830 and
Sophie Elliott born c1831 in Northern Ireland

Thomas Brownlee, born c1830 in Northern Ireland (believed to come from near Blayney on lower Lough Erne, County Fermanagh. Married Sophie Elliott born c1831. Sophie was a widow when she came to Canada in 1895 or 1896. She died aged 69, while visiting the USA on 20 March 1900 at Williambridge, State of New York

They had Issue:

1. William Brownlee, born c1854 in Northern Ireland. Died in 1920 in Canada. Married at Winnipeg, Manitoba 21 July 1885 to Elizabeth Jane Kerr, born c1864 in Northern Ireland. Died in 1920. Elizabeth was the daughter of Andrew Kerr (died in Ireland c1929) and Mary Ann Carson (died in Enniskillen in c1906). The Kerr's came from Skeabridge, Enniskillen in County Fermanagh, Ireland. It is believed the both families belonged to the Church of Ireland (Anglican). Andrew Kerr was an Orangeman. He made 10-12 trips by sea between Ireland and and Canada in his lifetime. Departure point for most of above people was from Belfast.

They had Issue:

1. Dr. Thomas Irwin Brownlee deceased as at 1984. Married (Unknown)

They had Issue:

1. William Richard Brownlee, Lived at 495 Lyndale Drive, Winnipeg, Manitoba, RZH INI at 1984

William Brownlee and Elizabeth Jane Kerr also had:

2. William Andrew Brownlee, born 15 May, 1901, in North West Territories (now Canada), died 19??. Married Helen Thonger, born 28 December 1911 in Canada.

They had Issue:

1. John Andrew Brownlee, born 25 January 1931 at Indian Head, Sask, Canada.

Thomas Brownlee and Sophie Elliott also had:

1. James Brownlee, born c1859 in Northern Ireland. Was in Canada in 1899.



Information supplied by:

1. William Andrew Brownlee, 3628 Mason Avenue, Regina, Sask. S4S 0Z6. (now deceased as at 1991)

2. John Andrew Brownlee, 3628 Mason Avenue, Regina, Sask. S4S 0Z6.

Telephone (306) 586 1763



1. Letter William Andrew Brownlee 28 June 1984

2. Letter John Andrew Brownlee 1 April 1991


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