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Chart 10091
James Brownlee born 1810 in Ireland
and Mary Rutledge born 1810
in County Fermanaugh, Ireland

James Brownlee, born 1810 in Ireland settled next to his brother, Robert Brownlee in Marlborough (Tup?) (see also Chart 10088), died Marlborough (Tup?) (North Gower?) Ontario, Canada in 1879. Married Mary Rutledge, born 1810 in Co Fermanaugh, died Marlborough (Tup or Twp?) in 1852.

They had Issue:

1. Eliza Jane Brownlee, born 1831, died 1852 (said to have died in teens, although dates would make her 20 or 21).

2. Hugh Brownlee, born 1834, died 1916, married Rebecca Morphy, resided in Kemptville (did have issue but unknown).

3. Sarah Brownlee, born 1838, died 1902, married Alexander Wallace, resided in (Kars?). They had issue but unknown.

4. James Brownlee, born 1842, died 1896 (unmarried)

5. John Henry Brownlee, born 1846, died 1910 and married 1st Eliza Jane born (?) died 1867 or 1868.

They had Issue:

1. Jenny Brownlee, born 1867, died 19(?), married Edward Montgomery (Saskatchen), they had no issue.

John Henry Brownlee married 2nd (Eliza Jane?) Rutledge (seems a co-incidence that married two Eliza Janes) born 1843, died 1915.

They had Issue:

1. Merrick Brownlee, born 1869, died 1911, married Electo Cowell and lived near North (Gover?).

They had Issue:

1. (Male) Brownlee

2. (Male) Brownlee

John Henry Brownlee and (Eliza Jane?) Rutledge also had:

2. J.J. Ernest Brownlee, born 1883 in (Ottowa?), died 1962, married C. Gulielma MacArthur, born 1886, died 1955.

They had Issue:

1. J. Claire Brownlee, born 1912, married Roy Burstow.

They had Issue:

1. David Burstow.

2. Royanne Burstow.

3. Wendy Burstow.

4. Susan Burstow.

J.J. Ernest Brownlee and C. Gulielma MacArthur also had:

2. Frances M. Brownlee, born 1917, married E. Carnochan.

They had Issue:

1. Dyne Carnochan.

2. Barbara Carnochan.

Information supplied by:

1. J. Claire Burstow, 1267 Wesmar Drive, Ohawa, Canada KIH759


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See also Chart 10088 for James' brother, Robert Brownlee