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Chart 10086
Robert Brownlee born 1863 in Northern Ireland
and Precilla Jane Wicklon born 1867 in Ireland

Robert Brownlee, born 1863 in Northern Ireland, married Precilla Jane Wicklon, born 1867 in Ireland.

They had Issue:

1. George Harold Brownlee, born 10 March 1899 in Northern Ireland, married Elsie Margaret Jenkinson, born 13 September 1892 in England.

They had Issue:

1. Michael Lester Brownlee[1], born (?), married Jean Elizabeth Holt, born 11 March 1935 in England.

They had Issue:

1. Philip David Brownlee, born 2 March 1968 in England.

[1] Information supplied by Michael Lester Brownlee, Glazebrook Farm, South Brent, Devon TRQ 9JE England

Telephone: 0364 73113