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Chart 10083
John Brownlie born c1820 in Scotland
and Isabella Moffat born c1826 in Scotland

1. John Brownlie, born c1820, in Scotland, married Isabella Moffat, born c1826, in Scotland

They had Issue:

1. Margaret Brownlie[1], born 17 February 1861, in Scotland. Margaret married William Burns Whyte, born 23 June 1857 in Scotland.

They had issue:

1. (Unknown) Whyte married (unknown)

They had Issue:

1. (Unknown) married (unknown)

They had Issue:

1. Dorothy (?), born 18 October 1933, in USA. Married (unknown) Squires

Chart originated: 24 July 1990.

[1] Information obtained from Dorothy Squires, 269 Maple Avenue, South Chicago Heights, IL60411, USA. Telephone 708 756 2879