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Chart 10082
James Brownlee born c1830 in Scotland
and Jane Martin in Scotland

1. James Brownlee, born c1830 and was a drystane dyker who married Jane Martin

They had Issue:

1. Charles Brownlee, born c1851, labourer lived at Earlston, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Charles was married on 19 April 1872 at the Catholic Chapel, Ladhope to Catherine Higgins born c1851, a wool factory worker. She was the daughter of James Higgins, Labourer and Mary Gillunie (witnesses at this marriage, were Betsy Brownlee and Thomas Higgins)[1]. Charles died before 1905.

They had issue:

1. James Brownlee, born 21 June 1872 at Earlston, Berwickshire, Scotland

2. Thomas Brownlee, born 2 March 1878, at Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland. Thomas was married at 191 Leith Walk, Leith on 1 April 1905 to Margaret Ann Kirkwood Mudie[2], born c1888. She was the daughter of James Mudie, Seaman and Sarah Jane Kirkwood. Witnesses to this marriage were Sarah Jane Mudie, (Mother of Margaret?) 6 Crown Place, Leith and Stewart McDonald Bain, Engine fitter, 6 Burlington Street, Leith. Thomas died 3 September 1939, Leith, Midlothian, Scotland.

They had issue:

1. Jean Brownlee

2. Mary Ann Brownlee, born 1 May 1908 at 4 Ferrier Street, Leith, Midlothian, Scotland. Married Robert Currie, born 4 September 1897 at Stockbridge, Edinburgh, Scotland.

They had issue:

1. Ronald Macintosh Currie[3] was born (?) married (unknown), born (?). Ronald, his wife and their three daughters left their home in Edinburgh, Scotland in January 1963, arriving in Australia, in February 1963. Ronald is a member of the House of Brownlee, membership number 240.

They had issue:

1. (unknown female) Brownlee

2. (unknown female) Brownlee

3. (unknown female) Brownlee

Mary Ann Brownlee and Robert Currie also had:

2. Rose Mary Currie

3. Violet Currie

4. Lillian Currie

Thomas Brownlee and Margaret Ann Kirkwood Mudie also had:

3. Violet Brownlee

4. Catherine Brownlee

5. Thomas Brownlee, born c1920 (living in Leith as at 22 July 1990). Married (unknown)

They had issue:

1. Thomas Brownlee, born c1940's

2. Gordon Brownlee, born c1940's

Thomas Brownlee and Margaret Ann Kirkwood Mudie also had:

6. Margaret Rich Brownlee


Chart originated  22 July, 1990

[1] Marriage Certificate of Charles Brownlee and Catherine Higgins, 19 April 1872

[2] Marriage Certificate of Thomas Brownlee and Margaret Ann Kirkwood Mudie, 1 April 1905

[3] Information obtained from Ronald M. Currie, 11 Edward Court, Hastings, Victoria, 3915, Australia. (059) 79-3178