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Chart 10077
Thomas Brownlee born in County Armagh, Ireland
and Mary Robinson born County Armagh, Ireland

1. Thomas Brownlee, farmer Co Armagh, Ireland. Married Mary Robinson, born Co Armagh, Ireland.

Believed to be the parents of:

1. Mary Ann Brownlee, born c1835, Co Armagh, Ireland. 1st Married 26 December 1855, at St Johns Church of England, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia to George Vickers, farmer, born 1807, Cheshire, England.  George was the son of Richard Vickers farmer and Ellen Sinclair.  George was a widower and had 5 children living and 2 dead from a previous marriage. After their marriage they moved to Kyneton, where they took up land and was paid for before George died in 1870. Mary Ann also had land, which was sold in 1878. Married secondly on 15 September 1881 at Shepparton, Victoria, Australia to William Andrew. Mary died at Tamleugh North, Victoria, Australia on 19 April 1899.

They had issue:

1. William McCreely Vickers born 17 August 1856 at Kyneton married Agnes Patterson Grant born 5 September 1857 at Strathfieldsaye[1]

They had issue:

1. Stanley James Vickers born 18 August 1893 at Rochester married Rita Mary Glasson born 14 June 1895 at Ballarat

They had issue:

1. Enid Vickers born 8 August 1925 at Rochester married Robert John Gray born 23 October 1924 at Albury

They had issue:

1. Judith Lorraine Gray born 4 November 1947 at Ballarat married ……….. Cooke

2. Suzanne Joy Gray born 29 March 1949 at Ballarat married Howard Edwin Phillips born 5 September 1948 at Bendigo son of Thomas Edwin Phillips born 27 August 1913 at Bendigo and Joyce Nesta Huddle born 21 October 1918

They had issue:

1. Lian Maree Phillips born 19 May 1974 at Wangaratta, Victoria

2. Timothy Edwin Phillips born 21 August 1977 at Wangaratta, Victoria

Enid Vickers and Robert John Gray also had:

3. Robert Grant Gray born 9 October 1950 at Ballarat

4, David John Gray born 11 November 1955 at Ballarat

Mary Ann Brownlee and George Vickers also had:

2. Martha Lina Vickers was born 28 November 1865, at Kyneton and married Lachlan David Grant, born 14 August 1865, Australia.

They had Issue:

1. Alma Isobella Grant, born 24 July 1891, Australia. Alma married Robert Edward Wright, born 12 March 1886, Australia. Robert was the son of James Webb Wright, born 18 October 1858 and Elizabeth Wright, born 1862, Australia.

They had Issue:

1. Joyce Wright[2], born 7 January 1927 at Shepparton, Victoria, Australia. Married Ronald Dix, born 18 February 1924, Australia, died Australia.

They had Issue:

1. Ronald Frederick Dix, born 9 September 1956, Australia.

2. James Charles Alexander Dix was born 21 November 1964 Australia.


[1] Information supplied by Suzanne Joy Phillips, 2 Brewers Lane, Eldorado 3746, Victoria. <shphillips@optusnet.com.au>

[2] Information supplied by Joyce Dix 66 Kings Road, Hyde Park, Townsville, 4812, Queensland. Telephone 077 714996