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Chart 10076
John Brownlee Sr., born in Scotland
and Marguerite (?) born Scotland

John Brownlee (Sr.) born in Scotland and married Marguerite (?), born Scotland. She was said to have sold her land in Scotland after John died and migrated to USA in 1817. Matguerite bought a farm for each of the seven sons, in Ohio[1].

They had Issue:

1. (Male) Brownlee

2. John (Jr.) Brownlee.

3. Thomas Brownlee.

4. Alexander Brownlee.

5. William Brownlee.

6. James Brownlee.

7. David Brownlee married (?)

They had Issue:

1. William Reed Brownlee, born 11 October 1846 at Coitsville Ohio, educated at Poland Academy in Ohio.  Migrated to Oklahoma in 1889 by way of Anderson, Indianapolis and Larnard, Kansas. William married Mary E. Cook, born 24 October 1846.

They had Issue:

1. Harry C Brownlee, born 26 January 1883 and married Chloe Dean born 2 April 1899.

They had Issue:

1. George Edwin Brownlee[2], born 9 March 1930 in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, USA. George married Ruth Claudette born 22 September 1931.

They had Issue:

1. Gary Edward Brownlee born 21 November 1951.

2. Gary Alan Brownlee born 20 October 1959.





[1] See "Letter to the Editor" in "The Brownlee Family Newsletter" Volume 1 No 3, page 19.

[2] Information supplied by George Edwin Brownlee 1216 Ridgecrest Drive, Kingfisher, Oklahoma 73750 USA. Telephone: (405) 37503121. Originated 12 April 1990.