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Chart 10070
Nathaniel Brownlie born 1870 in Scotland
and Elspie McLean Howie born 1873 in Scotland

A family tree compiled by James More Brownlie, St. Andrews, Scotland, traces the Family Tree from Nathaniel Brownlie back to the 1600's. 

Nathaniel Brownlie, born 1870 Scotland, died 1939 New Zealand and married Elspie McLean Howie, born 1873 Scotland, died 1952 New Zealand.

They had Issue:

1. James Howie Brownlie, born 1896 Scotland, died 1982 New Zealand and married Olive Myrtle Cummings, born 1898 New Zealand.

They had Issue:

1. Howie Neil Brownlie L.L.B., born 1926 and was married to Ida Merle Pennington in 1961.

They had Issue:

1. Euan James Brownlie, born 1962.

2. Hamish Desmond Brownlie, born 1965.

3. Elspeth May Brownlie, born 1966.

4. Justin Howie Brownlie, born 1970.

Nathaniel Brownlie and Elspie McLean Howie also had:

2. Hugh Brownlie, born 1898 Scotland, died 1979 New Zealand and married Ellen Keith Page, born 1896.

They had Issue:

1. Donald McLean Brownlie[1], J.P, Dip.T., A.N.Z.E.I., born 1924 and married Maisie Merle Gadd, born 1921.

They had Issue:

1. Stuart McLean Brownlie, born 1948 and married Gwenda Raewin Fowler, born 1950.

They had Issue:

1. Shane Lindsay Brownlie, born 1969

2. Jason McLean Brownlie born 1970

Donald McLean Brownlie and Maisie Merle Gadd also had:

2. Robert McLean Brownlie born 1951 and married Valerie Baker, born 1954.

They had Issue:

1. Sheryn McLean Brownlie, born 1974.

2. Ken McLean Brownlie born 1976

Hugh Brownlie, and Ellen Keith Page also had:

2. Nathan McLean Brownlie A.N.Z.E.I. born 1926 and married Ruby Collins, born 1927.

They had Issue:

1. John McLean Brownlie born 1957

Nathaniel Brownlie and Elspie McLean Howie also had:

3. Robert Brownlie, born 1900 Scotland, died 1961.  Married Kathleen Logan, born 1903.

[1] Information supplied by Donald McLean Brownlie, 31 Atkins Street, Motueka, New Zealand.