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Chart 10066
William Brownlee born 1863 in Kelso, Scotland
and Ellen Thorne

William Brownlee was born in 1863 at Kelso, Scotland and was married in Australia on 21 January 1893 to Ellen Thorne.

They had Issue:

1. Constance Brownlee (deceased)

2. Thomas Brownlee (deceased)

3. William Brownlee, born 26 March 1897, died 1963 and was married to Edith Mary Cheek, born 10 January 1904.

They had Issue:

1. Joan Brownlee.

2. Ivor William Brownlee[1] born 5th June 1929 in R.S.A and married Dianne Edith Glassey, born 1 December 1936. Dianne was the daughter of Edward Glassey, born 9 May 1907 and Edith Mary Robbie, born 19 December 1910.

They had Issue:

1. Katherine Jane Brownlee, born 10 February 1963.

2. Alison Mary Brownlee, born 25 February 1966.

William Brownlee, and Edith Mary Cheek also had:

3. Noel Brownlee.

[1] Information supplied by Ivor William Brownlee, 27 Colenbrander Road, Milton Park, Harare, Zimbabwe, R.S.A., telephone 82336.