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Chart 10064
William Brownlee born in Haywood, Scotland
married Agnes Clarkson

William Brownlee, of Haywood, Lanarkshire, Scotland married Agnes Clarkson.

They had Issue:

1. Frederick Brownlee, born in Haywood (1 of 3 children) married Margaret Welsh of Haywood.

They had Issue:

1. Agnes Brownlee, Married Patrick Battersby.

They had Issue:

1. Patrick Battersby.

2. Dorothy Battersby.

Frederick Brownlee and Margaret Welsh also had:

2. William Brownlee.

3. John Brownlee.

4. James Brownlee, born 11 December 1898, died 1965 and married Winifred Blanche Gray, who died in 1981.

They had Issue:

1. Margaret Lynette Brownlee, Married Allen Cummins.

2. Frederick Bruce Brownlee[1], 28 April 1932 Married Rhona Innes.

They had Issue:

1. Innes Brownlee, Married Liane Atkinson.

They had Issue:

1. Kelly Anne Brownlee.

James Brownlee and Winifred Blanche Gray also had:

3. Beryl Rosemary Brownlee married James Shaw Russell.

They had Issue:

1. Gordon Shaw Russell.

2. Murray Robert Russell.

3. Ian Jeffrey Russell. 

[1] Information supplied by Frederick Bruce Brownlee, 40 Cornwall Road, Papatoetoe, Auckland, New Zealand.