Chart 10054

Thomas Brownlie in Glasgow, Scotland,
Master Lithographer and Mary S Brown born 1880

Thomas Brownlee, born Scotland, Master Lithographer, owned printing business in Glasgow.  Married Mary S. Brown, 29 April 1880.

They had Issue:

1. Thomas Alexander Brownlee, born Strathaven Lanarkshire 7 July 1881, died Brisbane 1 October 1968.  Married 29 October 1912 Rebecca McLachlan McInnes, born 9 September 1888, died 1 July 1982, daughter of Duncan McKinnon McInnes and Jeannie Pollock McDougall.

They had Issue:

1. Thomas Brownlee, born 21 October 1914.  Thomas married Mavis Hancock.

They had Issue:

1. Lynda Margaret Brownlee, born 24 November 1954.  Married Michael Brown.

2. Neil Thomas Brownlee, born 12 September 1958. Married Carol Brooks.

Thomas Alexander Brownlee and Rebecca McLachlan McInnes also had:

2. Duncan McInnes Brownlee, born 19 January 1921. Duncan married Enid Finlay, born 8 April 1922, died 1 March 2002, daughter of Ernest John Finlay and Catherine Finlay (nee Jory), both born in Australia.

They had Issue:

1. Janice Enid Brownlee, born 27 February 1952.  Married Neville John Hore.

They had Issue:

1. Bradley Scott Hore. (now Bradley Scott)

2. Cameron John Hore. (now Cameron Scott)

Duncan McInnes Brownlee and Enid Finlay also had:

2. Ian Duncan Brownlee, B.A.Sc., born 17 March 1958 Brisbane Queensland.  Married Joanne Margaret Lunn (Dip. Teaching), born 19 May 1958, daughter of Albert Seaton Lunn born Geelong 11 September 1933 (who is a son of John Lunn and Margaret) and June Violet McNamara, born 22 February 1937 (who is a daughter of Thomas McNamara and Violet Coleman).

They had Issue:

1. Scott John Brownlee was born 29 April 1981 Brisbane Queensland.

2. Kyle Paul Brownlee was born 20 July 1984 Brisbane Queensland.

Thomas Alexander Brownlee and Rebecca McLaughlan McInnes also had:

3. Jeanie McDougal Brownlee born 3 May 1923.  Married Arthur Lawrence.

They had Issue.

1. Carol Lawrence, born 24 February 1951.  Married Stanley Taylor.

They had Issue:

1. Warwick Lachlan Taylor, born 12 April 1983.

2. Gail Lawrence, born 6 June 1955.   Married Michael Banasiak.

They had Issue:

1. Kirsten Banasiak, born 5 February 1981.

2. Paul Banasiak, born 30 August 1983.

Thomas Brownlee and Mary S. Brown also had:

Isabelle Brownlee, (deceased).

Jessie Brownlee, (deceased).

James Brownlee, (deceased).


The following is a letter written by Robert Mason of Dunedin, N.Z. in 1862 to Mrs. Thomas Brownlee, Gorbals in Glasgow.  The letter was found amongst papers of Rebecca McLachlan Brownlee, who passed away in 1882.  Jean Lawrence who submitted the letter for publication presumes it was sent to an aunt of Jean's father.  However, it is of course possible that it was sent to Jean's Great Grandmother.


“Dear Sister,

We had a long voyage 16 weeks or 112 days from port to port after coming within the tropics there were 4 weeks we had little or no progress, almost daily sighting the Brazilian Coast (South America) one morning very near grounded from contrary winds.  After rounding the Cape of Good Hope we had some pretty stormy weather, but on the whole we had a good voyage, there was one death, a man, middle aged, who had been long in the employment of Mr. T… Park Brewery, he had two sisters who came out here a short time before. The death took place only two evenings before coming into Port his body was committed to the great deep on the following morning, a very solemn sight.  There were three births aboard.  Our ship was very badly provisioned, bad beef and bad flour, they got short of some things and after coming to port the steerage passengers raised an action against the Captain and they got a small remuneration, but not enough.

This is a curious country very hilly, our situation being so near the sea we have more wet weather than the interior.  This is the summer here and the longest day will be about Christmas (next week) it is allowed to be a very healthy climate.  Markets very high. Beef 9 to 1/- p lb, Mutton same Butter 2/4 to 3/6, Eggs 2/- to 3/6 a dozen, oatmeal 16d lb. Bread is the cheapest commodity, we have had, the 4lb loaf at /7 it is now up to /10. Tobacco 6/- lb and upwards. Snuff 12/- lb.  I have not snuffed any since I came here, taking a smoke occasionally. House rents very high.  We have not been doing anything in the way of business.  We have bought a section of ground and have been erecting a house and shop thereon.  Joiners wages are very high we have been paying 12/- to 14/- a day p. man, we expect to get into it next week and commence business immediately after.   The gold fields keep the people in such excitement when any new discovery occurs, the nearest of them to this is about 70 miles and the latest discovery are nearly 200 miles.  Arch and a neighbour went off to them last Wednesday with a horse carrying their pack, I will give you more details in my next, as we may be in a more settled way.

My sons send their best wishes along with my own to yourself and Thomas remember me to your Brothers and Sisters.

I have just now heard that another ship has arrived (The Pladda the Snow Cloud) about eight days ago.  I must close.

Your affectionate Brother

R. Mason.


P.S. I will write Betsy next mail.


Robert Mason

Late of Glasgow

(P.O.  Dunedin N.Z.)

Dunedin 15th Dec. 1862


Information supplied by:

Jean Lawrence, 8 Aberfoyle Street, Kenmore 4069 Queensland Australia.

Ian Duncan Brownlee, 52 Larcombe Street, Zillmere 4034 Queensland Australia. Email