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Chart 10051
Robert Brownlee born 1804 in Scotland
and Eliza Jane Nichol born 1817 in Ireland

Robert Brownlee, born 29 December 1804 in Scotland, died 22 September 1892. Robert married Eliza Jane Nichol, born 25 February 1817 in Ireland, died 2 July 1902.

They had Issue:

1. Robert John Brownlee, born 1838, died 1922. Robert married and adopted 2 children.

2. Hugh James Brownlee, born 1842, died 1941.

They had issue:

1. Edgar Brownlee.

Robert Brownlee and Eliza Jane Nichol also had:

3. Agnes Brownlee, born 1845, died 1939.

4. Jane Brownlee, born 1848, died 1927.

5. Milne Brownlee married twice, no Issue.

6. Anne Brownlee.

7. Wallace Allen Brownlee, Master of Dental Surgery, born 1856, Ontario, died 1928.  Married Nellie Purcel, born 1856 Ontario.

They had Issue:

1. Basil E. Brownlee, Captain Army Dental Corp., was born 1886 and married without Issue.

2. Harold G. Brownlee, born 1890 at Mount Forrest, Ontario and married Beatrice (?) who was born in 1890 at Bartonville.

They had issue:

1. Graham and Elaine Brownlee.

Wallace Allen Brownlee and Nellie Purcel also had:

3. Homer M. Brownlee, M.M.B.A., born 1896.

They had issue:

1. Roger A Brownlee

2. Douglas S. Brownlee.

Wallace Allen Brownlee and Nellie Purcel also had:

4. Vera Brownlee, A.T.C.M., married Hedley Snook.