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Chart 10045
Joseph Brownlee born 1836
and Janet Sinclair born 1839
in Shawville Ontario Canada

Joseph Brownlee was born 1836 Shawville Canada and married Janet Sinclair of Shawville, born 1839 (or 1842).

They had Issue:

1. Samuel Brownlee, born 25 March 1880 at Shawville and married Margaret Featherstone born 29 July 1893 at Munster, Canada.

They had Issue:

1. Albert Samuel Brownlee, born 26 July 1915 at Ottawa and married Thelma Dena Cinnamon was born 21 September 1914 at Winchester.

They had Issue:

1. Lynne Margaret Brownlee.

Samuel Brownlee and Margaret Featherstone also had:

2.  Howard Ernest Brownlee, born 9 June 1920 (deceased)

Joseph Brownlee and Janet Sinclair also had:

2. Joseph Armand Brownlee (deceased)

3. Hugh Brownlee (deceased)

4. Thomas Brownlee (deceased)

5. Mary Jane Brownlee married (?) Bromley.

6. Margaret Brownlee married (?) Bromley.

7. Emily Brownlee married (?) Lawless.

Brothers and sisters of Joseph Brownlee:

2. William Brownlee.

3. Hugh Brownlee.

4. Thomas Brownlee.

5. Edward Brownlee.

6. Nat Brownlee.

7. Annie Brownlee married (?) Brown.


Information supplied by Albert S. Brownlee, 1291 Field Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2C 2P9, Canada.