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Chart 10042
John Brownlee
in Scotland and came to Canada in early 1800s

Captain John Brownlee, born in Scotland and came to Canada in the early 1800s. He received a land grant in the Ottawa area.

They had issue:

1. John Brownlee, born 1822 and married Dinah Kerr.

They had Issue:

1. John Brownlee, born 1841 in Kars, Ontario, died 1912. He married Isobel Russell, born 1847, died 1896, a descendant of the Callanders, who arrived in Canada from Falkirk, Scotland about 1820.

They had Issue:

1. John Russell Brownlee was born 19 January 1873 at Kars Ontario. He married Nellie May Dunbar, born 30 October 1877 at Richmond Ontario, daughter of Thomas Dunbar, 1827-1904 and Anne Brownlee, 1841-1881. Nellie May Dunbar was a granddaughter of Sergeant John Dunbar, born Scotland, who came to Canada with the famous 99th Regiment to serve in the defense of Canada against the invasion of 1812-1814. Sergeant Dunbar received a 200acre land grant in the Military Settlement of Richmond in the Carlton County, near Ottawa.  John Russell Brownlee and Nellie May moved with their family to Toronto, Ontario in 1927.

They had Issue:

1. Gladys Brownlee born in 1901 and died in infancy in 1906.

2. John Gerald Brownlee, M.D.C.M., born 9 September 1906 at Pembroke Ontario.  Married Esme Rosina Westhead, born 27 September 1912 at Blackpool, England, daughter of John Westhead, born 19 May 1873, died 1942, and Rose Clark, born 2 December 1875.

They had Issue:

1. Esme Rosina Brownlee, born 20 February 1942

2. John Russell Brownlee born 30 September 1949

John Russell Brownlee and Nellie May Dunbar also had:

3. Stuart Dunbar Brownlee B.A.Sc., F.R.I.C., was born on 6 May 1911 at Ottawa Ontario.  He married Helen Alberta Cooper, born 12 October 1913 at Toronto.

They had Issue:

1. Joan Elizabeth Brownlee, born 13 May 1940 at Toronto. She married George Philip Markov, born 26 August 1940 at Toronto.

They had issue:

1. Craig Stewart Markov, born 11 May 1968 at Toronto

2. Jilliane Helen Markov, born 25 January 1971 at Toronto.

Stuart Dunbar Brownlee and Helen Alberta Cooper also had:

2. Lynne Helen Brownlee, born 24 March 1944 at Toronto. She married Ronald Julius Zuoka, born 22 June 1946 at Brockton, U.S.A.

They had issue:

1. Robyn Lynne Zuoka, born 2 February 1971 Toronto

2. Krista Ann Zuoka born 11 November 1973 Toronto

John Brownlee and Isobell Russell also had:

2. James Edwin Brownlee, born 1875.

3. Thomas Alexander Brownlee, born 1877,

3. Anthony Joseph Brownlee, born 1882, no heirs.

John Brownlee and Dinah Kerr also had:

2. Thomas Brownlee born 1853

3. James Brownlee born 1855

4. Elizabeth Brownlee born 1857

5. Diana Brownlee born 1859

6. Jane Brownlee born 1861 and married (?) Eastman.



Information supplied by Stuart Dunbar Brownlee, B.A.Sc., Apartment 202, 2010 Islington Avenue, Weston, Ontario, Canada M9P 358.