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Chart 10030
James Brownlee born in Edinburgh, Scotland

James Brownlee, born Edinburgh, Scotland, married Anne Vickers Charlton, born Whitby.

They had Issue:

William Brownlee, born 12 June 1906 at West Hartlepool, Scotland, died 11 February 1976.  Married Edith Hudson, born 24 October 1915 at West Hartlepool, daughter of Harold Hudson, born Bradford, and Edith Boagey, born 24 October 1888 at West Hartlepool.

They had Issue:

1. Janet Brownlee, Headmistress was born 27 January 1939 West Hartlepool, Scotland.  Married John Barry McLean.

They had Issue:

1.Andrew Duncan McLean, born 11 August 1965.

2. Rachel Elisabeth McLean, born 10 October 1969.

William Brownlee and Edith Hudson also had:

2. James William Brownlee M.A., M.Sc., M.I.E.E., C. Eng., was born 11 April 1944 at West Hartlepool, Scotland.  Married Christine Smith, Schoolteacher, born 21 October 1950 Hartlepool. Educated St. Johns College, Cambridge, 1962-65, B.A., Imperial College, London, 1966-67, M.Sc., Chartered Engineer, Member Institute of Electrical Engineers.  Represented Durham County Rugby Union - 26 Caps, including shared championship with Surrey 1966-678.

They had Issue:

1. Laura Emily Brownlee was born 4 March 1977 Stockton on Tees, U.K.

2. Richard Alexander Brownlee was born 19 April 1979 Stockton on Tees, U.K.


Information supplied by James William Brownlee, 8 Allworth Drive, Davidson, Sydney 2085, N.S.W., Australia.