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Chart 10006
Robert Brownlee in Edinburgh, Scotland

Robert Brownlee, farmer, Married Elizabeth Weddell.  Married recorded on page 24 "Marriages in the District of St. George, Edinburgh in 1837". They had a son:

James Brownlee, born 1837, died 1892.  Lived at 13 Dean Street, Edinburgh.  Married widow Helen Gardiner (nee McLay) 6 March 1863.

They has Issue:

1. Robert Brownlee (twin of 3. below), born 1863, died 1943.  Married Rachel Jane Lawes of Ipswich, England at Port Melbourne 8 January 1892.

They had Issue:

1. Robert James Brownlee-Gardiner was born in 1892 and died in 1931. He was a Gunner in the 1st A.I.F. Robert married Coralie Violet Vale of Bexley, New South Wales.

They had Issue:

1. Robert Walter Lawrence Brownlee-Gardiner, J.P., was born in 1920. He married Melva Dorothy Knight of Preston (member of Port Philip Pioneers Group No. 26).

They had Issue:

1. Robert Edward Brownlee-Gardiner[1] A.A.S.A., born 1944.  Married Beth Harvey S.R.N., R.V.C.N., of Preston, 1966.

They had Issue:

1. Andrew Robert Brownlee-Gardiner, born 1967.

2. Justine Brownlee-Gardiner, born 1969.

Robert Walter Lawrence Brownlee-Gardiner, J.P., and Melva Dorothy Knight also had:

2. Lorraine Dorothy Brownlee-Gardiner, born 1951.

Robert James Brownlee-Gardiner and Coralie Violet Vale also had:

2. Violet Emily Rachel Brownlee-Gardiner, born 1916.

3. Dorothy Elizabeth Brownlee-Gardiner, born 1930.

Robert Brownlee and Rachel Jane Lawes also had:

2. Gladys Brownlee-Gardiner.

James Brownlee and Helen Gardiner (nee McLay) also had:

2. James Brownlee was born in 1867 in Edinburgh and had emigrated to Boston, Mass., U.S.A. He died in 1906. James was married in Boston, 25 November 1890 to Adelaide Maclean, born 1866, School Teacher, Goldenville, Nova Scotia, Canada. James returned to Edinburgh shortly after.

They had Issue:

1. James Neil Brownlee, born 1896, died 1905.

2. Norman Maclean Brownlee was born in 1898. He was educated at George Heriots School, Heriot Watt University and the Board of Trade, Marine Engineers College. He was apprenticed as an engineer with Brown Bros., Edinburgh. After serving in the Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force, he emigrated to Montreal, in Canada, in 1920. He retired in 1966 as Chief Adjuster, Eastern Canada, with the largest Canadian Engineering Insurance Company. In 1930 he married Maud Montgomery of Montreal.

They had Issue:

1. Norman Montgomery Brownlee[2] was born in 1939. He was educated at McGill University and received a Bachelor of Commerce at Sir George Williams University. He also obtained a Bachelor of Arts and was a Chartered Accountant and Justice of Peace, working with Price Waterhouse in Montreal between 1960 and 1964, the Paris Office between 1965 and 1968 and back to the Montreal Office in 1968 until 1969. He was in private practice as a C.A. business 1969, and taught at Loyola College, Montreal 1969-1970.

(i) Jessie Adelaide Isabella Brownlee, born 1933 was a secretary in Montreal until her marriage to Harold James Chalmers, Bachelor of Commerce in 1955.

They had Issue:

1. Norman Jeffrey Chalmers, born 1961.

2. James Harold Brownlee Chalmers, born 1970.

(i) Jennifer Helen Chalmers, born 1964.

(ii) Janet Adele Chalmers, born 1956.

James Brownlee and Adelaide Mclean also had:

(i) Helen McLay Brownlee, born 1891, died 1957.  Went to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, 1911 with cousin of mother, Rev. L. A. & Mrs. MacLean.  Moved to Boston, U.S.A. 1912 and was in business until 1957.

(ii) Isabella Brownlee, born 1900. Isabella was a secretary in Edinburgh, Scotland, until her marriage to George Duncan, at New York City, U.S.A. in 1929.  They settled in Butler, Pennsylvania.

They had Issue:

1. Ian James M. Duncan, born 1935.  Educated United States Air Force Academy, graduating with top Cadet Honour Gold Cane.  Following five years service, Pilot with U.S. Air Force, joined Pan American as pilot flying 707 jets.  Married 1954.

They had Issue:

1. David Lee Duncan.

2. James Ian Duncan.

3. William Scott Duncan.

Isabella Brownlee and George Duncan also had:

(i) Helen Jean Duncan was born in 1932 and was educated at Grove City College, in Pennsylvania, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, then worked as a School Teacher in Columbus, Ohio. She was married in 1954 to Dr. Robert Armstrong, in research with Dupont Company at Wilmington, Delaware.

They had Issue:

1. Robert Krick Armstrong.

2. George Duncan Armstrong.

3. Bruce Brownlee Armstrong.

Isabella Brownlee and George Duncan also had:

(ii) Isabella Brownlee Duncan was born in 1937 and was educated at North Western University, Evanston, Illinois. She obtained a Bachelor of Science at the University of Washington, in Seattle and a Masters Degree. She was a lecturer at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Isabella was married in 1965 to Dr. Philip Hartley, a Professor at Rutgers University.

James Brownlee and Helen Gardiner also had:

3. Elizabeth Brownlee (twin of 1. above), born 1863, died 1882.

4. Agnes Brownlee, born 1865.

5. Janet Brownlee, Married James McLellan.  No Issue.

[1] Information supplied by Robert Brownlee-Gardiner, 582 Nepean Highway, Carrum 3197, Victoria, Australia.

[2] Information supplied by Norman Montgomery Brownlee, 4538 Kensington Avenue, Montreal 261 Quebec, Canada.