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Chart 10004 (Bell / Duncan)
James Bell and Katharine Jackson
in the Parish of Kettle
, Fifeshire, Scotland

James Bell born c1750, worked as an agricultural labourer, and was married on 15 December 1775 in Kettle Parish, Fifeshire, Scotland to Katharine Jackson born c1755. The entry in the Parish marriages book is as follows: 1775, James Bell & Katharine Jackson. November 26th were matrimonially contracted in order to marriage, James Bell in the parish of Cults [Cults, Fifeshire is immediately to the north-east of Kettle, and occupying a portion of the valley of Eden] and Katharine Jackson in this parish [Kettle, Fifeshire], they were regularly proclaimed, no objections offered and were married on the 15th December [1775]. George Jackson cautioner [CAUTIONER, Scottish law, contracts. One who becomes bound as caution or surety for another, for the performance of any obligation or contract contained in a deed]. It could be assumed that George Jackson was Katharine's father.

They had issue:

1. Elisabeth Bell born March 1777, baptised 9 March 1777 at Cults, Fife, Scotland

2. James Bell born September 1779, baptised 6 September 1779 in Minimail, Fife, Scotland

3. Thomas Bell born 30 August 1783 in Bowhill, Parish of Kettle, Fifeshire, Scotland. Thomas was married on 20 November 1806 in Kettle, Fifeshire to Kathrine Wallace born 22 April 1783 in Muirside, Collessie, Fifeshire, Scotland. Thomas died 2 October 1855 in Balmalcolm, Parish of Kettle, Fifeshire and Kathrine died in 1858.

They had issue:

1. Elizabeth Bell

2. Catharine Bell born c1809 at Kennoway, Fifeshire. Catharine was married in Kennoway Parish on 6 August 1833 to Robert Duncan born 10 December 1809 and baptised 17 December 1809 in Kennoway, Fifeshire. Robert was the son of William Duncan and Janet Wilkie. William and Janet were married in Kennoway on 23 April 1809.

They had issue:

1. Janet Duncan born c1837 in Kennoway, Fifeshire

2. Catherine Duncan born c1837 in Kennoway, Fifeshire. Catherine had 3 children who were baptised as her surname. In 1861 she lived at Corslet, Currie, Midlothian Scotland and worked as an agricultural labourer.

She had issue:

1. Catherine Bell Duncan born 3 August 1854 in Uphall, Linlithgowshire. In 1861 at the age of 7 Catharine lived with her mother, sister Ann and brother John in Corslet, Currie, Midlothian Scotland. Catherine married James Brownlee born 24 May 1846 and died 26 June 1892. (See Chart 10004 Brownlee Chart)

2. Ann Duncan born 1859 in Kirknewton, Midlothian, Scotland

3. John Duncan born 1861 in Kirknewton, Midlothian, Scotland

Catherine Bell and Robert Duncan also had:

3. Elizabeth Duncan born c1841 in Kennoway, Fifeshire

4. Thomas Duncan born c1844 in Kennoway, Fifeshire. In 1851 at the age of 7 he lived in Houston, Uphall, West Lothian and in 1861 at Corslet, Currie, Midlothian. He worked as a ploughman.

5. Christina Duncan born c1847 in Uphall, Linlithgowshire. Christina worked as a paper factory worker. She was married at St Gilmour Park, Edinburgh on 8 June 1866 to Robert Marshall born at Torphichen, Linlithgowshire in 1844. Robert was the son of Robert Marshall and Catherine Duderson. Robert worked as a Journeyman Joiner and after his marriage lived at 7 Gilmour Park, Edinburgh, St Cuthberts, Midlothian Scotland. By 1881 he was living at Cross Street, Partick, Lanarkshire. Robert also witnessed the death of Robert Duncan.

They had issue:

1. David Marshall born 1868 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Catherine Bell and Robert Duncan also had:

6. Margaret Duncan born c1850 in Uphall, Linlithgowshire. She lived at Houston, Uphall, West Lothian in 1851, Corslet, Currie, Midlothian in 1861 and 7 Gilmour Park, Edinburgh, St Cuthberts, Midlothian in 1871.

7. Robert Duncan born 1852 and died 26 March 1860 at Kinleith Mill, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Thomas Bell and Kathrine Wallace also had:

3. James Bell born c1812 in Kettle, Fifeshire

4. William Bell born c1815 in Kettle, Fifeshire

5. Alexander Bell born 5 December 1824 in Collessie, Fifeshire. Alexander was married in 1845 to Catherine Anderson born 6 December 1827 (or 23 December 1827 - may have been baptized on this date) at Kinglassie, Fifeshire.

They had issue:

1. Isabella Wallace Bell born 22 August 1846 in Dunfermline and died before 1893.

2. John Bell born c1851 in Kinglassie, Fifeshire

3. Lawrence Bell born c1852 in Kinglassie, Fifeshire

Thomas Bell and Kathrine Wallace also had:

6. (Ellizabeth??) Bell born 1825 (record hard to decipher)

7. Thomas Bell born 12 July 1827 in Collessie, Fifeshire

James Bell and Katharine Jackson also had:

4. Alexander Bell born 28 August 1785, baptised 4 September 1785 in Parish of Kettle, Fifeshire.

3. George Bell born 6 January 1789, baptised 25 January 1789 at Bora Hill, Parish of Kettle, Fifeshire.

6. Elspeth Bell born March 1792, baptised 25 March 1792 in Parish of Kettle, Fifeshire.

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