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Chart 10004 (Barrie descent)
John Barrie & Margaret Hamilton,
Lanarkshire, Scotland

John Barrie born c1665 married Margaret Hamilton. Lived in Bogside.

They had issue:

1. William Barrie (recorded in Session Records as Barrie, Barrey and Barry) was born c1691 and was married at the Parish Church, Shotts, Lanarkshire, Scotland, on 30 November 1730. Mary Baillie was baptized at the Parish Church, Falkirk, Sterlingshire, Scotland, on 14 May 1704. Mary died at Bogside, Cambusnethan Parish, (North) Lanarkshire, Scotland, in Jan 1782 at age 77. The use of a mortcloth was recorded in the register of the Cambusnethan Parish Church on 7 Jan 1782 as follows: "[1782] Jan 7th, Mary Baillie, Bogside." She was interred 7 January 1782. William was the Kirk Elder in Session Records of Cambusnethan Church 1739-1766. Mary was the daughter of William Baillie and Mary Bryce. When entered by the parish clerk, the surname was usually "Barry". He continued to assist with the administration of funds for the poor in 1767. Bogside, a farm / village, was about 1.7 miles south, towards Carluke; another 2.3 miles.

[Other couples having children baptised at Cambusnethan during the 1780-1815 time frame may have been related to William:
a) John Forrest at Murdostoun Miln ( less than 2 miles north in the Parish of Shotts ) and a Margaret Barry; probably married before 1786 at Cambusnethan (hence no record), 2 baptisms there 1781 & 1786, and 6 baptisms at Shotts Parish 1784 & 1789-1805 (surname recorded "Barrie").
b) William Hamilton and Barbara Barry, 2 baptisms 1793 & 1795.
c) William Hamilton and a Margaret Barry at Garrionhaugh (a farm about 3 miles southwest from Cambusnethan, just north of Dalserf); married at Dalziel Parish 6 Jun 1790,1 baptism at Motherwell, Dalziel Parish 1790, 8 baptisms at Cambusnethan 1793-1808.]

They had Issue:

1. John Barrie born c1733 (in Bogside?) married Christian Russel.

They had issue:

1. Janet Barrie born 1761

2. Mary Barrie, born c1763 Cambusnethan Parish, married John Brownlie in 27 August 1790 in Cambusnethan Parish. John Brownlie was a farmer.

They had issue:

1. James Brownlee, born circa 1807, in Wishawtoun, Cambusnethan Parish, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Married Elizabeth Somerville (Somervale[3], Sommerville[4]), born c1811 daughter of (?) Sommerville and Mary Reid (maiden surname Douglas). Elizabeth died at 4:40pm on 24 February 1874 at 113 Main Street Wishaw aged 63 years[5]. She had suffered with heart disease for a period of 5 years. Her son James Brownlie was the informant[6]. James Brownlee’s occupation has been recorded as a Miller, Carter and labourer in distillery[7]. James died of acute bronchitis at 3am on 7 February 1857 (aged 50) in Wishaw. Mary Brownlie his daughter aged 16 (possibly from Hertshank?) was present at his death and was the informant. He was buried at Carluke Churchyard[8]. There was a Mary Ann Reid born c1826 aged 15 staying with them at the 1841 census. (go to Chart 10004 Brownlee link)

John Barrie and Margaret Hamilton also had:

2. Marion Barrie born c1693.

3. John Barrie born c1695.

4. John Barrie born c1698.

5. Alexander Barrie born c1701.

William Barrie and Mary Baillie also had:

2. Jean Barrie born c1738.

3. Alexander Barrie born c1741 died (?) and was interred at Cambusnethan Church on 18 February 1750.

4. William Barrie born c1743.

5. Mary Barrie born c1747 married Andrew Story in c1774.

John Barrie and Christian Russel also had:

3. William Barrie born c1765.

4. Robert Barrie born c1767 married Isobel Hamilton in c1814.

They had issue:

1. John Barrie born c1815 at Bushelhead, Carluke, died 1869 and was interred at Cambusnethan Parish Church on 2 November 1869.

2. James Barrie born c1817 (Carluke). Barry was a carter in Carluke who died in 1863 and was interred at Cambusnethan Parish Church on 6 February 1863.

John Barrie and Christian Russel also had:

5 Christian Barrie born c1769 married William Nisbet in 1794 in Lanark.

6. John Barrie born c1772 married Mary Forrest in Blackhall.

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