Brownlee group at the Crutherland Hotel, east Kilbride.

Back row - left to right: George Russell; Bruce Davies (a Scottish singer); Bill Brownlie of USA; Douglas McWhirter; Jim Brownlie from Waterloo; Sandy Leyh; George Leyh; Dan Brownlie from Gilmourton (a builder); Dick Williams; Mr Mc Gill of Braidwood
Centre row (at left) - left to right: Joe Stark (Joe's father was a gardner at Millfield for last Brownlie millers);
Elaine Kramer of Panaca, Nevada, formerly of Boise, Idaho USA.
Front row - left to right: Mrs Stark (Joe Stark's wife); Emilie Galvin; Frances Brownlie;
Mrs Douglas McWhirter; Janette Brownlie (Jim Brownlie's wife); Jeanette McGill (Braidwood Brownlie); Isobel Smith Brownlie (Eileen's Cousin, from Law Village); Betty Rudolph; Barbara Williams; Eileen Russell
The event was held at the Crutherland Hotel, East Kilbride, and was organised by Sandy Leyh.
Also at this gathering was young Bill Brownlie and Dan's daughter who had left before the photograph was taken
Photograph courtesy of Betty Rudolph, USA.