27th Brownlee/ie family Reunion, Sunday 21st January 2007

The 27th Brownlee/ie Family Reunion was held on Sunday, 21st January 2007 at Oatley Park Castle. In total there were 29 guests from 10 different families. Our very special guests were Sandy and Maude Brownlie from Scotland. Sandy is chairman of BSW Timber in Berwickshire, Scotland. Sandy and Maude have been holidaying in New Zealand and will be travelling around Australia for six weeks. To request a JPEG of this photo please send email to ian@brownlee.com.au

Photograph taken inside Oatley Park Castle, left to right: Front row: Maude Brownlie, Marion Brownlee, John Robert Brownlee (crouching behind), Edith Doris (Pat) Edwards, Enid Gladys (nee Brownlee) Harrison, Shiela Brownlie, Lynn Brownlee.
Centre row:Doris Maria Brownlee, Ian Edward Brownlee (behind in red shirt) Alexander John (Sandy) Brownlie, Raymond Thomas Brownlie, Jean Brownlee, David Brownlee, Sandra Prout, Mary Delores (nee Corry) Brownlee, Paul Raymond Harrison, John David Brownlee (behind in blue shirt), Paula Marge (nee Edwards) Harrison, Trevor Brownlee (front in blue shirt), Ross Donald Harrison.
Back row: Michelle Brownlee, David Brownlee, Steven Anthony Zonta, Danielle Judith Brownlee, John Patrick Brownlee (in blue shirt and wearing cap.
Others in attendance but not in photograph: George Petersen, Anthony John (Tony) Woods, Christopher Raymond Harrison and Julia.

Other Photos
John Robert Brownlee and Marion Brownlee
Anthony John (Tony) Woods
Trevor Brownlee and Lynn Brownlee
David Brownlee and Michelle Brownlee