20th Brownlee/ie family Reunion, Sunday 30th January 2000
The 20th Brownlee/ie Family Reunion was held on Sunday, 30th January 2000 at Oatley Park. In total there were 36 guests from 3 different families. To request a JPEG of this photo please send email to ian@brownlee.com.au
Photograph taken at Oatley Park, left to right: Front row: (unknown girl), Shaun Donald Harrison, Shannon Lee Harrison, Danielle Judith Brownlee, Gavin James Coleman, Matthew John Brownlee holding Chloe Louise Brownlee, John Patrick Brownlee, (unknown boy). Centre row: two boys sitting on ground are twins, Craig Douglas Mills and Graham Ralph Mills, on chair, Enid Gladys (nee Brownlee) Harrison, Raymond Donald Harrison, Violet (nee Osborne) Brownlee, Thelma Christina (nee Brownlee) Gillett, Maureen Anne (nee Vagg) Coleman, Ian Edward Brownlee. Back row standing: Scott William Coleman, Paul Raymond Harrison, Allan Graham Gillett holding dog, Eileen, Ralph Gordon Mills, Kerry Christina (nee McDonald) Mills, Jannette Coral (nee Maher) Brownlee, Robert Edward Brownlee, Raymond Thomas Brownlie, Greta Elaine (nee Saville) Brownlee, Oswald Arthur Brownlee, Rex Hilton Garbutt, Roslyn Maree (nee Gillett) Garbutt, David Edward Coleman, Mary (nee Corry) Brownlee, John David Brownlee, Patricia Annette (Druitt) Harrison, Ross Donald Harrison.

Others in attendance but not in photograph: Neil Gordon McDonald.

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Ralph and Kerry Mills, Craig and Graham, and Neil McDonald


Dan Brownlie, a builder and Torfoot descendant was carrying out renovations to North Torfoot on Thursday 18th November 2004 when Ian and Doris Brownlee visited the site. George and Eileen Russell, both Brownlie descendants took Ian and Doris to the famous Brownlee sites.
Photograph by Doris Brownlee, November 2004.

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