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A Brief History of Torfoot Farm

Torfoot Farm is located about 7 miles southwest of Strathaven, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

1547 - The Register of the Great Seal of Scotland lists tenants Joh. Brounlie, Wil. Brounlie, Joh. Hammiltoun and Andream Hammiltoun on the lands of Glengivell, which includes Torfoot.

1637 - The Rental of the Barony of Avondale lists Johnne Hamiltun and Johnne Brounlie in Toirfute.

1658, December 29 - Anne, Duchess of Hamilton, with consent of William, Earl of Selkirk, her spouse, deeded "8 shilling fourpenny of the lands of Torfitt which is one part of the lands of Glengivell with houses, biggins, yards, crofts, etc." to "John Brownlie in Torfitt in liferant, and Thomas Brownlie his lawful son heritably", and a like amount to Thomas Hamilton.

1659, April 5 - John Young granted rights to his eldest daughter, Janet, "future spouse of Thomas Brownlie, Portioner in Torfoot".

1659, June 14 - Thomas Hamilton granted rights to 1/3 of his lands to his wife, Helene Brownlie during her lifetime.

1669, Apr 9 - The will of "Margaret Mure, spouse to the deceased John Brounly in Torfoot" was probated. (It is assumed this John Brounly died at the time the property was deeded to John and Thomas in 1658.) 1679, June-July - Thomas Brownlie, Laird of Torfoot, fought in the Battle of Drumclog and, three weeks later, the Battle of Bothwell Bridge, where he was captured.

To view some great pictures of the Strathaven area, including the Battle of Drumclog, go to the SORBIE PAGE and click on Landscape and History.

1693, January 4 - Matrimonial Contract between John Brownlie, son of Thomas Brownlie and Janet Young, and Janet Hamilton, daughter of Robert Hamilton of Burn.

1713, July 27 - The Brownlie portion of Torfoot passed to John Brownlie, son of Thomas Brownlie, deceased.

1747, May 21 - The Brownlie portion of Torfoot passed to Thomas Brownlie, eldest son and heir of John Brownlie.

1773, May 20 - The Brownlee portion of Torfoot passed to James Brownlie, eldest son and heir of Thomas Brownlie.

1803, July 14 - Disposition of James Brownlie in favor of his son, John.

1803 - Romans coins are found on the lands of Torfoot. A portion of these coins remained in the Brownlee family until recently.

1823, May 22 - Disposition of Trust and Deed of Settlement from John Brownlie to his brother, Alexander, with directions to convert the whole estate into money.

1831, March 2 & April 20 - John Brownlie of Torfoot, now residing in Franklin County, State of Pennsylvania in USA sold the property to Jean Struthers, wife of William Dykes, Surgeon in the Royal Navy. Purchase price was 1,345 pounds.

1872, November 11 - Jean Struthers Dykes sold the property to Alexander Park, resident of West.


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