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Cambusnethan Vital Records - email from Suzanne B Sommerville to Betty Rudolph

Subject: Brownlie
Date: 98-01-24 16:40:02 EST
From: 110435.1567@compuserve.com (Suzanne B Sommerville)
Sender: 110435.1567@compuserve.com (Suzanne B Sommerville)
To: BRudo1@aol.com (BRudo1)


Hello Betty,
I am tracing mainly Sommerville, Montgomery, and Walker at this time, but since I have noticed alliances with Brownlie, I have copied some of these in hopes of making connections. 
Here's what I can find now.  There's a little more, but I haven't gotten caught up on organizing  my records since the holiday break. 

In Cambusnethan Old parish Records:

1775 Gavin Forrest son of James Forrest in Murdistown, parish of Shotts & Helen Brownlie, born 29???, bapt. 14th of May 1775, their 10th child. 

1841  Robert Brownlee and Mary Brownlee, twins, to James Brownlee of Wishawtown & Elisabeth Somervale, b. 28 Dec. 1840, bapt. 7 March 1841

Census 1841 Cambusnethan: District 9, p. 6, Headless Cross:

Archd Watson, 17 Tollkeeper, Yes (born in Lanark)

Mary Hamilton, 20, Yes

Agnes Somerville, 45, No

Thos. Somerville 13, Yes

Alexd Brownlee, 39 Farmer, Yes

Jean, 38, Yes

Alexd, 12, Y

Elisabeth, 10, Y

James, 8, Y

Martha, 7, Y

John, 5, Y

William, 3, Y

Robt, 1, Y

I copied the IGI records for this family, but found no marriage.  Wife Jean appears to be a Douglas.

Brownlies appear again in the 1861 Census for Cambusnethan in the same area: District 18, p. 6, Headless Cross

James Brownlie, head, mar, 61, Farmer, Lanark, Cambusnethan

Licia? Brownlie, wife, mar, 60, Farmer's wife, "       "

John Brownlie, son, un, 27, Farmer's son,  "  "

Martha Walker, Grand-daur, 5, "   "

Christina Walker,  "        "      , 4, "  "

John Watt, Serv. un, 17, Ag. Lab, Shotts

Angus McLeod, Serv, 12, Cow herd, Argyleshire, Islay

Marion Cross ?, Serv, Un 18, Byre? Maid, Shotts

Agnes Cranston, Serv, un, 14, kitchen maid, Cambusnethan

Mary Barrie Head Wid, 42, Annuitant, Cambusnethan

Alexander Brownlee, Head, Mar, 33, Grain Dealer, Cambusnethan

Barbara, wife, mar, 33, Cambusnethan

Barbara Brownlee, Daur, 8, Scholar, "

Alexander Brownlee, Son, 6, Scholar, "

William Brownlee, Son, 2,  Cambusnethan

and after a Russell family and a Kerr family

Alexander Brownlee, Head, M. 55, Farmer, Cambusnethan

Jean Brownlee, WIfe, Mar, 57, Farmer's Wife, "

Robert Brownlee, Son, un, 21, Farmer's son, "

Barbara Brownlee, Daur, Un, 18 Farmer's daughter, "

John Brownlee, Son, 14, Scholar, "

Martha Marshall, servt, un, 16 Barn? Serv, Shotts

William Walker, Serv. 13, Servant Boy, Cambusnethan

This appears to be the same family as the 1841 Census.
That's all for now.  If you have any Walker or Som(m)erville connections, please let me know.
I have just started to read the 1891 Census for Hamilton.  I'll keep your Brownlee name in mind.
Best wishes,
Suzanne, in Michigan, USA 

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