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Avondale Parish Death Records

Avondale Parish Death Records. Taken from LDS Film No. 1,041,474.

July 6, 1846 - Armour, Margaret, spouse of BROWNLIE, John (mason)

March 28, 1848-Armstrong, Ann, spouse of BROWNLIE, William from Glasgow

July 23, 1822-BROWNLIE, dau of John (turner?)

Nov. 25, 1835- BROWNLIE, child of William of Udstonehead, interred in southwest corner of Parkhead Stone

Sept 19, 1836-BROWNLIE, child of David (weaver) at Ballgreen

Nov. 23, 1852-BROWNLIE, child of Matthew (grocer), interred in back of roadfoot

Jan 30, 1738-BROWNLIE, child of William (beamer?)

Sept 7,1854-BROWNLIE, child of Matthew (grocer)

June 26, 1819-BROWNLIE, dau of Thomas of Ballgreen

Nov 7, 1846-BROWNLIE, Agnes, dau of Tomas (weaver) at Ballgreen

Oct 12, 1824-BROWNLIE, Agnes, dau of John (drumer)

Nov 25, 1839-BROWNLIE, Agnes Wilson, dau of Andrew (flesher), interred below the old stone

Aug 4, 1833-BROWNLIE, Alexander (weaver)

Aug 7, 1833-BROWNLIE, Andrew, son of Andrew (late weaver) of Todshill

Mar 4, 1829-BROWNLIE, Andrew (mason)

Mar 5, 1830-BROWNLIE, Andrew (weaver)

Aug 12, 1831-BROWNLIE, Archibald, son of Archibald (weaver)

Apr 23, 1844-BROWNLIE, Archibald (clockmaker), interred below the stone

July 18, 1820-BROWNLIE, Archibald of Coldstream

Oct 9, 1840-BROWNLIE, Archibald (weaver) in Sandhow

Feb 14, 1826-BROWNIE, Barbara, spouse of Hugh Findley

July 21, 1849-BROWNLIE, Christen, child of David (weaver) in Ballgreen

Nov 21, 1845-BROWNLIE, David, son of David in Ballgreen

Apr 22, 1843-BROWNLIE, Helen, dau. of John (weaver) in Ballgreen

Jan 10 1855-BROWNLIE, Helen, widow of James ___________ (shoemaker)

Apr 11, 1833-BROWNLIE, Hugh

Sep 25, 1826-BROWNLIE, Isabel, dau of John (town drumer)

May 7, 1825-BROWNLIE, Isabel, dau. of John (mason) (senor?)

June 23, 1827-BROWNLIE, James, son of Alexander (weaver) of Townshead

Feb 22, 1827-BROWNLIE, James, son of James of Coldstream

Aug 24, 1840-BROWNLIE, James, son of William of Glasgow

Dec 17, 1823-BROWNLIE, James, son of John of Torfoot

Feb 8, 1825-BROWNLIE, James, son of Thomas (weaver) in Ballgreen

July 19, 1844-BROWNLIE, James of Coldstream

Sep 12, 1839-BROWNLIE, James (weaver) in Townshead

May 3, 1832-BROWNLIE, James (weaver)

Apr 9, 1850-BROWNLIE, Janet, spouse of Richard Hall (weaver)

Mar 16, 1852-BROWNLIE, Janet, dau. of Gavin (weaver) in Hamilton, interred in 2nd breadth of Torfoot Lairs

Jan 7, 1841-BROWNLIE, Janet, spouse of William Craig (surgeon), interred at headstone

Sep 21, 1846-BROWNLIE, Janet, dau of William (beamer)

Apr 29, 1823-BROWNLIE, Jean, dau. of David (weaver) in Ballgreen

Apr 1, 1854-BROWNLIE, Jean, spouse of William Giffen (senor weaver) in Todshill

July 23, 1829-BROWNLIE, Jean, dau of Andrew (late flesher)

Dec 10, 1825-BROWNLIE, Jean, spouse of William Miekle (customer weaver)

Sep 16, 1822-BROWNIE, John, son of John (flesher)

Mar 13, 1824-BROWNLIE, John, son of John of Torfoot

Feb 19, 1836-BROWNLIE, John, son of William (beamer)

Mar 16, 1834-BROWNLIE, John, son of John (weaver) in Ballgreen

Feb 6, 1819-BROWNLIE, John, son of John

Oct 24, 1832-BROWNLIE, John (flesher), interred below the old stone

Apr 4, 1828-BROWNLIE, John (junior mason)

May 20, 1848-BROWNLIE, John (junior weaver) in Sand Know?

Sep 25, 1830-BROWNLIE, late of Torfoot

Mar 5, 1827-BROWNLIE, John (mason)

May 23, 1854-BROWNLIE, John (senor weaver) in Todshill, interred at the stone

May 24, 1845-BROWNLIE, John (weaver), interred in northmost breadth

Oct 10, 1846-BROWNLIE, Margaret, dau of John (mason) in Ballgreen, interred in her mother’s grave

Feb 25, 1833-BROWNLIE, Margaret, dau of the late John (mason)

Aug 1, 1821-BROWNLIE, Margreat (grocer), interred in Northermost Breadth

Jan 16, 1850-BROWNLIE, Marion (widow), spouse of the late Archibald Allan (shoemaker)

Dec 30, 1836-BROWNLIE, Mary, dau of James (flesher), interred in Northermost Breadth

Dec 15, 1852-BROWNLIE, Mary, spouse of John Allan (shoemaker)

June 18, 1824-BROWNLIE, Mary, spouse of Henry Muir Wright

Jan 4, 1823-BROWNLIE, Mary, dau of the late William (shoemaker)

Dec 6, 1842-BROWNLIE, Mary in Coldstream

Nov 21 1835-BROWNLIE, Peter, son of William of Udstonehead, interred in southwest corner of Parkfield

May 24, 1850-BROWNLIE, Robert (weaver) in Todshill

Dec 19, 1836-BROWNLIE, Sarah, dau of Thomas (weaver)

Aug 16, 1845-BROWNLIE, Thomas (weaver) of Ballgreen

Aug 6, 1840-BROWNLIE, Willism of Carluke, interred in 1st Breadth of Alexander Bogfoot Stone

June 3, 1850-BROWNLIE, William (shoemaker), interred in 1st Breadth of Gavin Linley’s Lairs

Mar 8, 1819-Chapeton, John Brown, interred in the Lairs of Andrew BROWNLIE (flesher)

Jan 18, 1841-Cochran, Lily (widow) spouse of the late Robert Brownlie (flesher)

Nov 6, 1838-Fram, Mary, spouse of Robert BROWNLIE of Glassford

Jan 25, 1854-Gibson, Grizel, spouse of Robert BROWNLIE (weaver) in Glassford, interred in 1st Breadth of

Torfoot Lairs

Dec 3, 1821-Hamilton, Elizabeth, spouse of Thomas BROWNLIE (weaver) in Ballgreen

Mar 21, 1849, Kirkland, Mary, spouse of William (farmer) at Torfoot

July 25, 1850, Kirkland, William (farmer) at Torfoot

Apr 11, 1852, Lord, Isobelle, spouse of William Thomson (weaver) in High Ball, interred at back of Torfoot


May 1, 1852, Lord, John (weaver) at Ball Green, interred in northermost Breadth of Torfoot

Nov 13, 1851, Mathewson, child of William (laborer), interred in Torfoot Lairs

Mar 16 1852-McMaster, James (excise officer), interred in northermost Breadth of Wm. BROWNLIE Lairs

Jan 30, 1846-Park, Janet, spouse of Andrew BROWNLIE (flesher), interred below the new stone

Jan 5, 1852-Rany?, child of Simon (shoemaker), interred at back of Torfoot stone

Dec 16, 1844-Riddel, Janet (widow) of James BROWNLIE (weaver) of Green Street

June 13, 1822-Scouler, Mary, spouse of Thomas BROWNLIE (weaver)

June 3, 1826-Selkirk, child of John (weaver), interred in 4

Oct 17, 1825-Selkirk, Mary, dau of John (weaver, interred in 2

Mar 20, 1847-Weir, Janet, widow of the late Andrew BROWNLIE (flesher), interred between the stones

Apr 16, 1849-Willson, Agnes, widow of the late John BROWNLIE (flesher), interred below the new stone

Nov 11, 1818-Wilson, Janet, spouse of Archibald BROWNLIE (shoemaker)

Sep 28, 1839-Wilson, Jean,, spouse of William Whitelaw, interred in 3rd Breadth of Torfoot Lairs

Avondale Parish Mort Cloths

Did not find records for 1775, but some pages are missing.

1776 Mar 8. To John BROWNLEY child in Straven 0.1.0

1776 Aug 12. To John BROUNLE _______ 0.68

Did not find records for 1777

No Brownlies in 1778 or 1779

1780 Aug 22. Alexr BROWNLIE in town…Touffmuir 0.6.8

1780 Sept 28. Andr BROWNLIE Tenant in Hookhead Town of Udstonhead 0.6.8

1781 No Brownlies

The mort cloth listings seem to end here but there are accounts of monies received from mort cloths so maybe they were recorded elsewhere? In 1791 there is an entry under Arrears of Mort Clothes, Alexr Brownlee in Straven 6.8

1770 (?), June 26. To John BURNLIE in Strathaven 0.6.8

1770, Dec. 15. To Thos BROWNLIEs wife in Torfoot 0.6.8

1771 (?), Nov. 18. To John BROWNLIEs child in Strathaven 0.1.0

1772 Jan 22. To James BROWNLIEs child in Torfoot 0.0.8

1772 Feb 25. To John BROWNLEY mother in f(s)loven Bpt(?) 0.6.8 (This could be Strathaven, but doesn’t look like it.)

1772 Oct 27. To John BROWNLIEs child in Glassford Mills 0.0.8

1772 Dec 28. To John BROWNLIEs wife in Glassford Mills 0.4.0

1773 Mar 22. To John BROWNLIE Thirse (?) his child 0.1.0

1773 June ??. To Archibald BROWNLEE in Strathaven 0.4.0

1773 Oct 19. To John BROWNLEEs child in Glassford Mills 0.1.0

1773 Oct 21. To Archibald BROWNLEY child in Croffmuir 0.6.8

1774 July 9. To Gavin BROWNLEE in Afson(?) his wife 0.4.0

Avondale Parish Death Records for 1860, from LDS Film #292,832.
Submitted by Claire Smith, Melbourne, Australia

Agnes BROWNLIE aged 10, dau of Thomas BROWNLIE & Jean Ritchie

Christina BROWNLIE aged 14 months, dau of John BROWNLIE & Margaret Montgomerie, granddaughter of David BROWNLIE

Margaret Dick Craig aged 6 yrs, dau. of John BROWNLIE Craig (surgeon) & Jessie Hamilton King

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