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Brownlee House in Little Rock

Colleton County lost most of its legal records during the Civil War. Many people came to court after the war to re-record original deeds, etc. The records in Conveyence Book 1 were examined for pre-Civil War deeds, conveyances, mortagages, etc by a writer for the magazine, The Carolina Genealogist. Their findings are as follows:

Page Parties--------------------------------------------------Date

242 heirs of John and Levinia BROWNLEE to John BROWNLEE, Exec. 6-16-1855

242 Elisha and William HALL to John BROWNLEE 5-7-1855

243 David BELL to John BROWNLEE 2-3-1806

251 C. B. FARMER, Clerk of Equity, to John BROWNLEE 5-7-1855

262 plat, John BROWNLEE, SR.'s land 12-11-1841

290 Thomas MATHEWS to Noel BROWNLEE 9-30-1847

291 Noel BROWNLEE to J. J. HUTSON 3-25-1851