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More Lanarkshire and other Marriage Records

Brownlee, Adam  to  Armour, Helen   8/10/1844

Brownlee, Adam to   Nimmo Agnes   11/10/1866

Brownlee, Alexander to Smith, Margaret   12/2/1799

Brownlee, Alexander to Dykes, Barbara   12/4/1802

Brownlee, Alexander to Frew(?), Isobel   3/16/1839  

Brownlee, Alexander to Semple, Lillias   6/7/1852  

Brownlee, Alexr to  Law, Helen   3/12/1869 

Brownlee, Andrew to Macgowan, Agnes   6/30/1804

Brownlee, Andrew to Frew(?), Isobelt   8/29/1840

Brownlee, Andrew to Lyle, Margt   11/17/1743 

Brownlee, Andrew to Culen, Sarah   7/1/1744

Brownlee, Andrew  to Coffman, Elison   10/26/

Brownlee, Andrew to Park, Janet   1/7/1837

Brownlee, Andrew to Aitchison, Grace Gil   7/24/1857

Brownlee, Andrew to Nimo, Agnes   11/10/1866

Brownlee, Archd. to Brown, Isobel   11/6/1774

Brownlee, Archibald to O'Brien, Isobel   11/6/1772

Brownlee, Archibald to Mukle(?), Margaret   10/21/1780

Brownlee, Archibald to Clark, Agnes   4/6/1811

Brownlee, Archibald to Clark, Agnes   8/14/1813

Brownlee, Archibald to Dunnifrace, Marion   11/20/1847

Brownlee, Archibald to Steele, Janet   11/29/1740

Brownlee, Archibald to Millar, Mary   7/29/1770

Brownlee, David  to Fleming, Rebecca   11/10/1781

Brownlee, David to Struthers, Elizabeth   5/12/1791

Brownlee, Gavin to Trees(?), Barbara   8/11/1776

Brownlee, Gavin to  Kirkwood, Jean   7/18/1846

Brownlee, Gavin to Hamilton, Euphane   1/16/1763

Brownlee, Gavin to Anderson, Marion   7/31/1874

Brownlee, James to Fleming, Jean (of Hamilton Parish)   5/29/1783

Brownlee, James to Riddell, Catherine   5/17/1834

Brownlee, James to Wilson, Margaret   8/29/1840

Brownlee, James to Davidson, Elizabeth   4/9/1853

Brownlee, James to Stewart, Isobel   6/18/1741

Brownlee, James to Martin, Marion   4/17/1860

Brownlee, John to Morison, Isobel   12/8/1787

Brownlee, John to Finedy(?), Helen   1/28/1797

Brownlee, John to Lockore, Helen   6/3/1826

Brownlee, John to Paterson, Janet   4/10/1830

Brownlee, John to  Fleming, Agnes   1/29/1831

Brownlee, John to  Fleming, Martha   6/10/1842

Brownlee, John to Steele, Janet   11/25/1843

Brownlee, John to  _______, Helen   10/17/1739

Brownlee, John to King, Jesse Hamilton  3/14/1853  

Brownlee, John to Brownlee, Margt   3/26/1740

Brownlee, John to B_______, Lilly   11/4/1743

Brownlee, John to Finley, Elizabeth   6/5/1768

Brownlee, John to Semple, Janet   1778

Brownlee, John to Thomson, Isabella   1782

Brownlee, John to Riddle, Mary   3/27/1802

Brownlee, John to Montgomery, Margaret   7/22/1848

Brownlee, John to Armour, Margaret   7/10/1868

Brownlee, John to Craig, Jane   9/21/1874

Brownlee, John (mason) to Armour, Margaret   6/28/1845

Brownlee, Matthew to Clark, Janet   11/25/1848

Brownlee, Matthew to Fleming, Helen   12/15/1868

Brownlee, Mungo to Stobo, Helen   5/30/1829

Brownlee, Mungo to Semple, Janet   11/29/1779

Brownlee, Peter to Steele, Jean   5/24/1837

Brownlee, Robert to Russell, Jean   2/14/1829

Brownlee, Robert to Fleming, Ann   1/6/1868

Brownlee, Thomas to Kyle, Jean   1/14/1832

Brownlee, Thomas to Ritchie, Jean   10/31/1835

Brownlee, Thomas to Ritchie, Jean   2/19/1836

Brownlee, Thomas to Hamilton, Elizabeth   2/11/1817

Brownlee, Thomas to Brown, Jane   10/24/1873

Brownlee, William to Golder(?), Janet   1/1/1797

Brownlee, William to Riddell, Margaret   12/17/1825

Brownlee, William to Armstrong, Anne   12/10/1836

Brownlee, William to Fleming, Isobel   5/8/1741

Brownlee, William to Thomson, Janet   2/28/1760

Brownlee, William to Fleming, Isabell   9/17/1853

Brownlee, Agnes to Harvey, Gavin   12/25/1855  

Brownlee, Agnes to Stewart, John J.   9/21/1875

Brownlee, Agnes M. to Higgins, William   3/6/1873  

Brownlee, Ann to Carruthers, Richard   5/17/1857

Brownlee, Barbara to Finlay, Hugh   3/3/1806  

Brownlee, Brizzel to Donald, Allan   1/23/1830  

Brownlee, Catherine to Wilson, Francis   7/11/1867  

Brownlee, Christina to Cochran, John   10/23/1868  

Brownlee, Elizabeth to Kirkland, John   6/9/1871  

Brownlee, Grace to McDonald, Allen   1/23/1830  

Brownlee, Grizzel to Fleming, Robert   7/21/1814  

Brownlee, Helen to Fleming, James   10/22/1796  

Brownlee, Helen to Muir, John   3/9/1833  

Brownlee, Helen to Byrne, John   4/3/1742  

Brownlee, Isabel to Brownlee, John   5/15/1774

Brownlee, Isabel to Davidson, William   3/13/1852  

Brownlee, Isobel to Hamilton, Robert   1/6/1792  

Brownlee, Isobel to Peden, James   12/9/1826  

Brownlee, Isobel to Morison, Jas.   4/12/1761  

Brownlee, Jane to Dempsey, John   11/13/1866  

Brownlee, Jane to Dempsey, John   11/30/1866  

Brownlee, Janet to Morton, Robert   12/14/1799  

Brownlee, Janet to Selkirk, John   8/13/1825  

Brownlee, Janet to Wilson, Andrew   5/30/1829  

Brownlee, Janet to Watson, Alexander   6/20/1846  

Brownlee, Janet to Young, John   7/21/1847  

Brownlee, Janet to Aston, James   1/1/1743  

Brownlee, Janet to Stewart, John   2/4/1859  

Brownlee, Janet to Smith, Robert   9/18/1863  

Brownlee, Jean to Cuthbertson, Thomas   4/27/1793  

Brownlee, Jean to Brown, Joseph   3/4/1854  

Brownlee, Jean to Reid, George   11/16/1749  

Brownlee, Jean to Thomson, James   10/23/1757  

Brownlee, Jean to Hamilton, Robert   12/8/1787  

Brownlee, Jean to Reid, Francis   12/22/1865

Brownlee, Lilly to Currie, John   6/27/1873  

Brownlee, Margaret to Donato, Thomas   1/22/1774  

Brownlee, Margaret to Anderson, James   11/12/1775  

Brownlee, Margaret to Dykes, Alexander   1/2/1806  

Brownlee, Margaret to Hepburn, James   1/6/1821  

Brownlee, Margaret to Struthers, Robert   12/2/1824  

Brownlee, Margaret to  McConi(?), William   7/21/1828  

Brownlee, Margaret to _______, Nicholas   11/13/1830  

Brownlee, Margaret to Granger, James   1/3/1842  

Brownlee, Margaret to Harvey, Robert   2/13/1842  

Brownlee, Margaret to Boyd, Samuel   3/11/1844  

Brownlee, Margaret to Dykes, John   7/9/1853  

Brownlee, Margaret to Thomson, James   5/8/1755  

Brownlee, Margaret to Morison, John   11/7/1760 

Brownlee, Margaret to Kirkland, William   6/24/1870  

Brownlee, Margaret C. to Spiers, Thomas   12/29/1856  

Brownlee, Margareth to Neilson, James   4/30/1825  

Brownlee, Margt to Brownlee, John   3/26/40

Brownlee, Marion to Renwick, John   5/31/1800  

Brownlee, Marion to Muir, Alexander   1/7/1826  

Brownlee, Martha to McHartney, Thomas   3/13/1784  

Brownlee, Martha to Armour, Robert   9/17/1875  

Brownlee, Mary to Allan(?), John   4/18/1828

Brownlee, Mary  to Wilson, Archibald   4/8/1842  

Brownlee, Mary to Hamilton, Alexander   3/5/1840  

Brownlee, Mary to Hamilton, James   8/13/1860  

Brownlee, Sarah to McEwan, Joseph   12/31/1858  



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